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Suzuki Promaster Diatonic Harmonica metal comb for a clear sound

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Suzuki Promaster 

Laser tuned reeds, aluminium comb makes this Promaster harmonica easy to play
Clarity of tone and smooth sound

Harmonica comb material: metal / aluminium

Recommended for harmonica level: Beginners to pro

Style of music: Country, Pop, Jazz, blues

Famous harmonica players using it: 

Styles Jazz
Level Beginner
Holes 10 hole harmonica
Great Harp (with personal issues)
david f. on 11/08/2017 The Promasters are great sounding, solid harps. I own three. That said, I will be switching back to Bluesmasters. Why...,the way the cover plates mates, reed plates, and comb mate in the corners, there is enough of a gap to snag my moustache. Never an issue with any other harp. Bad enough that I've gotten stuck in the middle of a tune and had to leave some whiskers in the harp. Also, I'm sometimes using a HarpArm magnetic holder and the stainless plates are not magnetic.
Manji preferred
Leonard C. on 09/23/2017 prefer the manji
Crystal clear harmonica sound
Jennifer M. on 08/16/2011 I like metal comb because it gives so much more clarity to the sound. The promaster is very easy to play and band I would even recommend it for beginners. I don't like the valved version though.


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