Hohner Blues Harp





Blues Harp Hohner harmonica warm sound

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A legendary harp for blues!

Very warm sounding harp favorite of many blues players.

Harmonica comb material: wood

Recommended for harmonica: all levels
Style of music: Blues

Famous harmonica players using it: Big Walter Horton

Styles Blues
Level Better than my neighbour
Holes 10 hole harmonica
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blues harp
glen H. on 04/09/2018 i was very happy, i love playing the blues harp, and the price was great, thank you
Hohner Blues Harp key of A
Edward H. on 02/14/2018 Excellent tone, playability, ease of bending, loud, cool design. Stylish rugged carrying case. Equal to my Special 20 but I like the BH better. Highly recommended.
Good old Blues harp
Sandeep J. on 09/27/2011 The Blues Harp was my first harp so I bought a new one from harmonicaland. It still sounds the same and it is a very nice harmonica indeed. Great bang for the bucks !
Blues Harp, the name says it all
Mikey S. on 07/18/2016 Same style as the marine band but I like the sound of the Hohner Blues Harp better. Excellent for acoustic blues exactly what I was looking for. Swiftly shipped.

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