Suzuki Valved Promaster





Valved Promaster Suzuki harmonica. Valves allow more bends and cool effects.

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Valved Promaster Suzuki


It is a regular Promaster harmonica with valves. Valves give you extra blow bend notes from hole 1 to 6 and extra draw bend notes from hole 7 to 10. The drawback is that no overblow is possible because the valve block the option so it is a choice to make between bends and overblows.

Available in 14 keys: C G A D E F Bb B F# Eb Ab Db Hi G and Low F.
Unique And Innovative Suzuki Valved Harmonicas Feature Precision Crafted Reed Plates For Easy Note Bending.
Also available in Gold.


Harmonica comb material: aluminium


Recommended for harmonica: all levels
Style of music: Pop, Jazz, country
Famous harmonica players using it: 


Styles Pop
Level Beginner
Holes 10 hole harmonica
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Bel instrument
Philippe M. on 12/26/2017 Top !
My favorite
J B. on 11/06/2017 Best harmonica I can afford.
Lionel P. on 09/23/2017 Après un peu de temps d'adaptation surtout pour les trous 7 à 10, un régal de jouer avec cet instrument hyper bien conçus et permettant de varier le jeu à souhait.
First time with a valved harmonica
Tom I. on 03/07/2017 This is my first time trying a valved promaster. Very nice... I'll be back.
Great valved effects
James B. on 09/14/2001 A very good bargain to try out valves, it is a Promaster on which Suzuki added valves on all the holes. This way I can bend the blow notes down in the low end very cool. Also able to make those Stevie Wonder chromatic like effects in the highs.

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