Hohner Super Chromonica 270

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Chromonica 270 Hohner chromatic harmonica also called Super Chromonica 270 and Chromonica 48

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Chromonica 48/270 Hohner

A classic 12 hole chromatic harmonica model by Hohner.

Simple construction and straight forward chromatic harmonica a reference in the chromatic harmonica range.



Harmonica comb material: wood

Harmonica recommended for level: Beginners
Style of music: Jazz, Pop
Famous harmonica players using it: 

Styles Jazz
Level Beginner
Holes 12 hole standard chromatic harmonica
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Tenor Range Harps
Bernard A. on 08/09/2018 I prefer lower tuned harmonicas, and Hohner Super 270 has a good choice.
gary d. on 03/11/2018 very thing works ok
Mel Eggleston
Mel E. on 12/09/2017 The low C works better for me because I wear hearing aids, and I don't get the high pitch Resonance sounds that I get with the regular C chromatic. It's a pleasure to play in the key C now
270 chromonica
Gregg B. on 12/01/2017 5 stars
Peter W. on 09/28/2017 So I only just now got round to playing my new Super Chronomica 270 that I ordered from you and found out that it is a low C model, even though I ordered a C model. The order says C and the case has a C sticker on the outside but it is definitely a Low C. I never would have ordered this model but actually I really like it! If it was my only back-up it would be a problem but I already have 3 other 270s and a 260 so it kind of rounds out my collection. No need for any further action. I can now play LOW NOTES!
All around 12 hole chromatic harmonica
Jim G. on 04/19/2011 It was my first chromatic harmonica in college and I really like it, I had much better model but this one stays close to my heart. Great for beginners and all around melody playing. Fantastic service from Harmonicaland.

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