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The Orchestra S by Seydel is a Session Steel harmonica with a red comb and solo tuning

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Orchestra Seydel

This is basically a Session steel harmonica with a red comb and solo tuning instead of richter tuning.

Solo-tuned diatonic Harmonica with corrosion-free stainless steel reeds (orchestra-tuning) ergonomic covers and carmine red plastic comb. 

The ORCHESTRA S offers even more! Typically the root note is found in hole 1-blow. The ORCHESTRA S places the root note at hole 3-blow and half of the lower octave is added to holes 1 and 2. Since many players miss some of the notes on the standard Richter-tuned diatonic harmonica in the lower register the ORCHESTRA S allows them to hit the missing notes without having to apply a bending technique. The root note of the diatonic major scale is marked on the coverplate - it starts in 3 blow.

This makes the ORCHESTRA S an ideal soloing instrument; the ten-hole design makes the Orchestra-S compact enough to take your melodies anywhere!

The note layout is basically the same as that of a chromatic harmonica making theORCHESTRA S a great starting harmonica for learning to play a chromatic. The compact size combined with SEYDEL's durability makes the ORCHESTRA S a good choice for musical education in schools.

The ORCHESTRA S opens new possibilities to blues harmonica players by making it easy to play minor pieces (3rd position) with a sound similar to solos played on a chromatic thanks to the solo-tuning. They will also appreciate the extended major scale in the lower register. The root note of the dominant chord is available in the hole 1-draw making it similar to playing in 2nd position on a standard Richter-tuned harmonica.

Harmonica comb material: plastic

Recommended for harmonica: Beginners

Style of music: Blues

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The best for me!
Karla A. on 08/07/2021 The tone is full and rich, easy to play, the orchestra tuning is wonderfully intuitive for playing by ear and extends song possibilities. I tried others (Suzuki Promaster Olive, the Hohner Golden Melody), but none were as impressive as this. Solid, sturdy, but responsive. Couldn't be happier with this purchase.
No bends
Douglas H. on 05/09/2021 Bought this orch tuned harp. Very pleased. I am not too good at bending notes and this harp makes that problem vanish. I like the note layout.
Nice harmonica, good price and service.
Gregory S. on 04/12/2021 I had 2 of these in other keys and am very happy with the new ones and the service I received.
Nice harmonica, good price and service.
Gregory S. on 04/12/2021 I had 2 of these in other keys and am very happy with the new ones and the service I received.
Mistake mine
tom m. on 10/19/2019

Love yr instruments but mistakenly ordered Orchestral G harp . Realized mistake in first couple seconds of playing - low end tuning is different to diatonic Session Steel , my favorite. 
So for what's it worth please make sure you select the right tuning this is a solo tuning not a standard tuning.

Seydel Session Steel - orchestra tuned.
John B. on 04/28/2018 This is a good non-Richter tuned harmonica. Glad I bought it.
John s. - musician
john s. on 02/05/2018 prompt service. wonderful price. product as promised. i will be back.
Good quality
Robert L K. on 11/23/2017 Durable and great quality!
Excellent harmonica
Robert L. on 10/26/2017 Worth every penny!

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