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Fire Breath harmonica by Suzuki, Suzuki Fire Breath Diatonic Harmonica

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Once again Suzuki has researched and developed unique professional grade harmonicas.
Utilizing the most seasoned tonewoods and unique construction technique Suzuki proudly offers a new line of harmonicas in Rosewood. Rosewood has been sought after by top musicians from all over the globe from Classical Guitar players to top Violinists. This wood allows unique tonal qualities and when used in harmonica construction gives a warmer tone.

Using Rosewood can produce a high velocity of sound and a broad range of mid and low overtones. These 'lows' help to create a complex bottom end which imparts a richness to the overall tone to the instrument. The re-designed reeds which are the heart of the instrument have been produced with the advanced player in mind. However this new reed design makes it easier to play the instrument chromatically right out of the box!The new Suzuki Reed plates allow ease of play especially with overblow and overdraw techniques. The MR-500 is also made with the same high quality Rosewood.

If you prefer to play a wood comb harmonica but dislike the problems associated with wood comb harmonicas in the past then here is the harmonica for you. Just like the MR-550 the comb is resistant to moisture and swelling. The mouth piece is rounded for a great comfortable feel and ideal for tongue blocking technique.
The durability of rosewood is regarded as one of the best in the 'Tonewood' family. Try one out today!

Styles Folk
Holes 10 hole harmonica
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Fire breath
Colleen K. on 04/26/2021 I enjoy playing this harmonica good balance and rich sounds.
My favorite harmonicas.
K D. on 10/12/2019 I love the Fire Breath and am deeply bummed that they aren't making them anymore.
Beaucoup d attaque
patrick k. on 09/11/2018 Vert goodpute sound
a dream
patrick k. on 08/10/2018 very goog harp attacck i want take one day a pure harp
Critique du produit
André D. on 07/06/2018 l'harmonica répond à mes espérances;donc je suis satisfait.
Suzuki Fire Breath
James B. on 06/06/2018 Wanted to get a wood comb cause all my working harmonicas are plastic. I love this harmonica and the sound, its like an Olive, but with a Rosewood comb. If you would like to hear it click on that link.

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