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Bob Dylan's signature model harmonica in a gift box. Made by Hohner.

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Bob Dylan Harmonica Signature model

Bob Dylan is one of the most iconic music artists of the 20th century and is very often seen playing the harmonica!
The way Bob Dylan uses the harmonica is directly derived from traditional Blues and Folk singers. He uses it to create a counterpart to his singing. So you will hear Bob Dylan sing a few lines and then play the harmonica as a musical answer or punctuation like he does in his famous hits like Mr Tambourine Man, Blowin' in the wind or The times they are A-changing.
What kind of harmonica does Bob Dylan use? Well here it is the Bob Dylan signature model harmonica!

Hohner made this unique signature model with the participation of Bob Dylan to create the Bob Dylan signature harp.

It comes in a beautifully designed display case monogrammed with Bob Dylan's logo.
  • The reed plates in C are gilded for an elegant look and wonderful sound
  • The cover plates are beautifully curved and embossed with Bob Dylan's signature
  • the Double lacquered doussie comb minimizes swelling

 Get the official Hohner Bob Dylan harmonica made by Hohner Germany on harmonicaland
Styles Blues
Level Better than my neighbour
Holes Collector
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Hohner Bob Dylan Harmonica -KEY: C
Joseph C. on 10/18/2020 Great Harmonica!
Sounds just like Dylan
Stephen C. on 09/01/2020 My first "real" harmonica and this one does not disappoint. Beautiful tone with an old school sound. Played it along with some of Dylan's early albums and it nails it! Easy to get single notes and bends out of even for a beginner like myself. This is a must have for any serious Dylan fan or anyone who wants an incredible sounding harp. Love it!!
alain P. on 12/25/2017 superbe son merci
Very Happy
Fran B. on 10/03/2017 The harmonica is a Christmas gift and I am very happy with the quality and presentation.

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