F48 Fabulous Suzuki

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Professional high end 12 hole chromatic F48 Fabulous Suzuki harmonica

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F48 Fabulous Suzuki

The brand-new Fabulous harmonica series from Suzuki represents the ultimate state of the art in harmonica design while keeping the best aspects of tradition. The appearance and sound of the instruments are stunning with the use of the highest quality materials throughout. In a quest for the pure beauty of timbre Suzuki redesigned and tested every part through an exhaustive prototype process. The precision tolerances achieved in the Fabulous harmonicas are unmatched by any other production harmonica — and you can hear it in the way the reeds respond soulfully to even the lightest breath. Superb airtightness and instant response of the reeds to every breath creates a feeling of euphoria for every player when they first try Suzuki's all-new Fabulous Chromatic Harmonica.

The rich timbre of the Fabulous is a result of 21st-century design matched with respect for the best aspects of tradition embodied in top quality components with Suzuki's high accuracy processes. Each Solid Brass body takes a whole day to make using the high-precision spark-erosion process ensuring absolute accuracy for perfect airtightness. The rigidity and solid mass of the brass improve reed response (especially at the bass end) and the upper-octave chambers are specially contoured to give an unbelievable response in the high range. Lastly, silver plating imparts a smooth luxury finish for great looks and a pure bell-like sound. The Long-Life Phosphor-Bronze Reeds for the Fabulous were designed from scratch to suit the brass body's special qualities giving the player optimum volume tone and response. Suzuki meticulously studied the length and form of every single reed to maximize its performance and robustness. A Straight-alignment Slide is used for the 12-hold model and Cross-alignment Slide is used for the 16-hole. The inside of the Gold-Plated Mouthpiece (a critically important area for airtightness) is hand-finished on each Fabulous Chromatic. Gold plating gives a smooth feel to the lips and a beautiful luxurious appearance. The precision-made slide is specially designed for smooth quiet movement and incredible airtightness.

Extra Thick Reedplates are used in the Fabulous to match the superlative tonal qualities of the brass body. Thick reed plates increase stability and give an enhanced response to each reed. The extra rigidity of the thick reedplates allows a perfectly flat finish that adheres firmly to the body to ensure maximum airtightness. All this adds up to feather-light reed response and a luxuriant rich tone. Silver-plated Coverplates finish off the elegant appearance of the Fabulous. But they are practical too as silver-plating is well known to give optimum lubrication in the mouth ensuring player's lips don't stick while performing extended passages. Suzuki's all-new artistic design for the cover plates is also comfortable and secure to hold. 

Specifications: Range: 16 Holes 64 Notes (c1 to d4) sliding chromatic Slide

Allignment: cross Body/Coverplate: Brass with Silver Plating

Reed Plate: Brass Reeds: Phosphor Bronze

Dimensions: 197 x 45 x 33 mm Weight: 760g

Accessories: Leather Case 

A cross-alignment slide is used for the 16-hole model as its larger holes improve airflow to make the bass range sound more efficiently.

An individual Serial Number is imprinted on the top of each harmonica body as proof of top quality and hand-finishing. It is imprinted only after several inspections and a final strict quality test.

Styles Jazz
Level Hollywood bowl
Holes 12 hole standard chromatic harmonica

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