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We have one of the biggest harmonica stock in the World.
For other instruments we stock some and not others.
Delay is the time between when your order money is received and when the items will ship
If you pay by check delay begins when we get your check. If you pay by credit card or paypal it's quicker.

Here is how to read the stock information displayed on our website :

In Stock is when the item is in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours. If you order in the orning it may ship the very same day.

2-5 days means the item is not in our warehouse but available shortly to ship within 5 to 7 days.
In most cases :
We generally order goods on Monday so if you place an order on Tuesday you will have to wait till next Monday whereas if you placed your order on Sunday we should get your items before the end of the week.
So let's say you order an item labelled 2-5 days on Sunday we may be able to ship it as soon as Wednesday or Thursday .. delay is then only 3 days but if you place the same order on Tuesday or Wednesday you may have to wait about 7-8 days.
That's why the average delay in ths case is 5 to 7 days.
This is not a general rule and depends on what you order and what we have to order. Just understand that for you it's better to order in the end of a week to get goods faster ...

4 weeks
is when the item is not in our warehouse and available with more delay usually 4 to 6 weeks. We have suppliers worldwide so some items may have to come a long way to get to you.

The Red Button is when the item is out of stock for good. Don't hesitate to email us when it's the case we will give you more info and maybe we can get it


Special Info for Harmonica keys and other products with variants :

Most harmonica models are available in at least 12 keys. We stock almost all models in all 12 keys but with so many options we may get out of stock of one key from time to time. In this case you will see "Available within 5 days" next to the key.

Ex : Db - available within 5 days

This is how you can see a harmonica display a green button (available) but with a "available within 5 days" mention
The same applies to other products with variants (guitar strings, some accordions ...)

Usually when you order the key is already on its way to our warehouse. Sometimes Brands are themselves out of stock, waiting for stock to come in, or the manufacturing delay is longer than expected. If this should be the case you will be warned as soon as we have the info and we will try to offer you the best possible solution.