Hohner Spare parts Hohner 9550 Pearwood 2-Piece Soprano Recorder Flute  $39.90 View larger

Hohner 9550 Pearwood 2-Piece Soprano Recorder


Hohner Spare parts

  • Soprano Intonation
  • Pear Wood Specially Seasoned and dark painted
  • Baroque Fingering
  • Well crafted 2-piece wooden C-Descant/Soprano
  • Ergonomically formed mouthpiece makes lipping easier

More details

Hohner brings you high-quality wood recorders that provide brilliant tone and durability with a patented mouthpiece that makes playing a breeze! Two-piece with dark finish C-Soprano Recorder for Baroque (English) fingering. Patented mouthpiece vanes for uniform wind dispersal. Body-molded thumb guides. Two-piece durable construction.