Seydel Blues Session Standard

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Seydel Blues Session Standard a good entry level harmonica on a budget

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Seydel Blues Session standard

An entry level diatonic harp with plastic comb and stainless steel covers - available in many keys from LD to HA and many special tunings


Harmonica comb material: plastic

Recommended for harmonica: Beginners
Style of music: Blues



Styles Folk
Level Better than my neighbour
Holes 10 hole harmonica
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Rex R. on 08/19/2021 Needed a replacement D after a few years of bending the previous D, Very fast shipping which is good for someone gigging 4 times a week. Price was nice too.
Rex R. on 08/19/2021 Added this low-D harp to my assortment of harps -- playing a lower register gets their attention. Cool sound. Very fast shipping which is good for someone gigging four times a week. Good price too..
If you know what you want, try here first.
Anthony C A. on 07/31/2021 I was working on a song with a key change from C to F. No big deal, just draw bend the Bs to Bb? Yea, sure. Well, the other option, try switching to another harp in key of F. I ordered this little beauty (lowest price around) and was playing it 2 days later. Call it a learning experience, problem solved.
james b. on 05/14/2021 #4 draw reed is not working..sounds stuck..or,something..not pleased
Great harmonica
Kjell J. on 03/31/2021 These are a great harmonica for the price, way better than a Horner harmonica .
Jay"s tune
cathy j. on 03/13/2021 It is alittle hard for me to play.But,definetly a Blues harmonica.I truly enjoy playing it.Thank you for your excellent craftsmanship.
Don't have it yet.....
Mike M. on 02/26/2021 My harmonica hasn't arrived yet. I check using the USPS tracking number daily, and the last update I got was on Feb 22 that says: "IN TRANSIT, ARRIVING LATE" So, I guess it'll get here when it gets here....not your fault. I'll be happy to give you a review of the SEYDEL harp when I get it.
Not very airtight
Cliff R. on 02/17/2021

Pretty leaky and hard to bend. I switched to a Harmo Polar, it's much louder and easier to play, won't buy this one again maybe try the Session Steel or 1847

Great Harp
Amy A. on 10/08/2020 Love Seydel.
Has cheaper ones last longer
James W. on 09/22/2017 Reed broke within two weeks of playing. Had it repaired by seydel usa rep

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