Hohner CX12 Jazz

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Hohner CX-12 Jazz Harmonica key of C, 12 hole chromatic harmonica optimized for Jazz playing

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Hohner CX12 Jazz Red to Gold

Based on the CX12 black design the Jazz version push it a little further

The mouth piece is narrower and the embouchure better
The reed plates are thicker and setup higher allowing a louder playing for all jazz aficionados.

Harmonica comb material: plastic

Harmonica recommended for level: Advanced / pro
Style of music: Jazz
Famous harmonica players using it: Charlie Winston

Styles Jazz
Level Beginner
Holes 12 hole standard chromatic harmonica
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Steve W. on 03/21/2019 Nice sound, good slide action. Small, lightweight chromatic with three octaves of fun.
r capra
R C. on 03/14/2018 satisfied
BRIAN P. on 02/02/2018 I love this thing!
Great Harp
Michael M. on 12/03/2017 I’m really enjoying learning chromatic harp with this one! It’s very comfortable to play, has good volume, is very expressive, and us super easy to clean. As a long-time diatonic player, I always though that chromatic harp would be very hard to pick up. With the CX-12 Jazz I have found that is not true.
Hohner CX 12 Jazz
Paule O. on 09/24/2017 Hi guys. Just a quick note. I recently ordered the Hohner CX 12 Jazz. What a beautiful and fun instrument to play. When I first got it, the slide did stick. I contacted your company and instructed me on how to free the slide. It now works like a charm. I was up almost half the night playing it. It's so easy to play. I wish I had taken up harmonica sooner. Thanks for such a great instrument!!! I definitely give it a 10. I would give more stars if I could.
Great Jazz harmonica
Jamie B. on 04/25/2016 Thank you for shipping my CX12 Jazz that fast ! Just got it I had to tap the harmonica a bit hard on a table to unlock the slider (as per the instructions) and now everything is fine. It plays really well very nice flow and looks awesome !

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