Suzuki Sirius S56S harmonica

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Professional chromatic harmonica Sirius S56S Suzuki 14 hole chromatic harmonica

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Sirius S56S Suzuki harmonica
Straight alignement Short Stroke

The Suzuki SIRIUS S56 14 hole chromatic harmonica combines excellent sound production and elegant design which will impress both audience and players alike. Suzuki has used their vast experience and knows how to create the FABULOUS series, which in turn has let to the creation of the SIRIUS. This unique model allows the player to perform a wider range of playing expressions.


Thsi is the straight alignement version for Cross alignement please check the S56C

Styles Classical
Level Hollywood bowl
Holes 14 hole chromatic harmonica
Sirius 56 chromatic harmonica
Jim G. on 09/15/2014 Top of the line chromatic harmonica from Suzuki in 14 hole version adds extra notes in the lower end. The slider works flawlessly and it is extremely comfortable to play. Very pure sound I am very please by this high end model and harmonicaland service.

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