Suzuki Valved Promaster - Suzuki Diatonic Harmonicas





  • 10-hole diatonic
  • Polished stainless steel reed covers
  • Machined phosphor bronze replaceable reed plates
  • Satin anodized, milled, billet aluminum alloy comb

The Valved Promaster Suzuki harmonica: the science of extra blows and bends now within you reach!

Valves allow you to produce more bends and cool effects to enhance your songs.

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Description: Suzuki Valved Promaster

This harmonica is a regular diatonic Promaster harmonica, equipped with valves. It is built with as much precision and knowledge as the standard Promaster. Valves are a system that give you extra blow bend notes from hole 1 to hole 6, and extra bend notes from hole 7 to hole 10. Notes bending allow you to play all the chromatic notes on a single diatonic harmonica, which is what makes it an excellent choice for any level of practice. It is one of the best harmonic you could ever wish for in order to play pop, jazz or country songs.

This unique and innovative Suzuki Valved Harmonica feature precision crafted reed plates, in order to bend notes as easily as possible. The comb, made of quality aluminum, offers a silk touch and a comfortable grip.

On the other side, you will notice that overblow becomes impossible because of the valves, that block this option. So you have a choice to make between overblow and bends.

Suzuki Valved Promaster - FREE Shipping in USA !

Styles Pop
Level Beginner
Holes 10 hole harmonica
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great harmonica
Alex E. on 03/09/2021 This Suzuki harmonica sounds great and plays excellent !
Nous n avons rien reçu
Guy D. on 04/10/2020 Nous n avons rien reçu
Didnt receive Reeds for Manji!
Richard V. on 03/19/2020

Disappointed by Suzuki quality

Arthur J. on 11/25/2018 Excellent
Thank you
Beverly S. on 09/09/2018 Thank you for a speedy order. My husband expressed an interest in the harmonica so I bought it to put in his Christmas stocking. If he stays committed, we will be purchasing More. Thanks again. Bev Smith
raymond B. on 04/12/2018 Bonjour bien reçu dans les délais 12 jours c'est correct livre dans la boite a lettres super il répond très bien j'en suis satisfait encore merci et a bientôt
Bel instrument
Philippe M. on 12/26/2017 Top !
My favorite
J B. on 11/06/2017 Best harmonica I can afford.
Lionel P. on 09/23/2017 Après un peu de temps d'adaptation surtout pour les trous 7 à 10, un régal de jouer avec cet instrument hyper bien conçus et permettant de varier le jeu à souhait.
First time with a valved harmonica
Tom I. on 03/07/2017 This is my first time trying a valved promaster. Very nice... I'll be back.
Great valved effects
James B. on 09/14/2001 A very good bargain to try out valves, it is a Promaster on which Suzuki added valves on all the holes. This way I can bend the blow notes down in the low end very cool. Also able to make those Stevie Wonder chromatic like effects in the highs.

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