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Tremolo Sailor 48 harmonica

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Sailor Diatonic Harmonica Series in Tremolo tuning fitted with plastic comb.
What do we mean by Tremolo ? Diatonic Harmonicas in Tremolo tuning have a divided comb. This makes it possible to blow (or draw of course) two reeds at a time while one reed is tuned a little bit higher than the corresponding note in the upper channel. This causes a bright and smooth sounding tone -

The 'Tremolo'. Sailor 48
Key: C
Diatonic Tremolo Harmonica with 2 x 24 holes
Popular music often uses improvisation that contains a maximum of 3 chord type: Tonic Dominant and Subdominant chords. Many pieces accommodate only two chords (Tonic and Dominant chords). With the diatonic tone layout a lot of popular melodies are playable.

Styles Folk
Level Beginner
Properties Specialty harmonica models

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