Harmo Polar Natural minor harmonica

$44.90 tax incl.


Styles Blues
Level Beginner
Properties 10 hole harmonica
The best diatonic in this price range
Marty S. on 2019-11-19

I own several Hohners (Marine Band, Crossover, Rocket, Special 20) and Seydel Session Steel. This harmonica is louder and easier to play than all of them. I simply love it ! Will order more keys very soon.

Robert K. on 2019-10-13 I really like discovering Polar harmonicas. I needed a Dminor for a church/synagogue music effect and I got it big time and more. With that line I now have four Polars and a bag from Harmo, to take better care of them, rather than having to put them in cases all the time. Talk about delivery time? Just a few days to get to the Virgin Islands! 5

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