Harmo Polar Half valved harmonica

$49.90 tax incl.


Styles Jazz
Level Intermediate
Properties 10 hole harmonica
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HarmoPolar A
Richard G. on 2021-05-13

Great harmonica for the price but of course it can't match the quality of the Custom Harmo I got! 

Bomb Digity Cool Ya'll
Michael G. on 2021-04-24 I really like my harmo half valve harmonica. It's faster than a regular harmonica. Harmo harmonicas I like alot. Thank you.
Better than My Promaster valved
Michel G. on 2020-07-19

I bought it as an alternative to my Suzuki promaster valved and I'm happy! It plays great and is actually easier to bend.

Great harmonica!
Michel G. on 2020-07-19

There aren't a lot of valved harmonicas on the market and the Polar is not only very well priced but also unbeatable quality!

James W. on 2020-02-16 Super easy to blow
Very Nice
Marty S. on 2019-11-19

Sounds and performs better than my more expensive Hohners and Seydel. Love it ! Easy to play and bend, very sturdy.


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