GECKO Harmonica Holder

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Love it
John K. on 2020-12-21 Best thing ever, great to play and swap harps, so easy.
Very nice holder
Tony T. on 2020-06-22 I was surprised with its locking ability. Great
Matthew S. on 2020-06-02 H
Harmonica holder
Dennis O. on 2020-05-31 Great product infinately adjustable a pleasure to use.
What every harp player should have.
Arlo A. K. on 2020-05-16 Wish that I would have bought this sooner, the best out there IMO.
Great holder
Terence T. on 2020-01-23 The Seydel Gecko is a very practical harmonica holder especially for use in jams. Tn jams the players often change keys and the gecko makes changing harmonicas a breeze. Wort the cost.
A rack that really works, and is adjustable
Monte M K. on 2019-11-28 Best rack ever....

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