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Chromatische Mundharmonika 10 Löcher

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10 Löcher

Styles Pop
Level Intermediate
Properties 10 hole harmonica
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earl d. on 2021-06-12 one was perfect. the other not as good
Hohner Chromonica 260
Derek B. on 2020-09-01 great harmonica sounds good
Great things can come in small packages
Stanley B. on 2018-11-18 I own multiple twelve, a fourteen, & some sixteen hole chromatics. I even own two or three ten hole Chinese made chromatics. But something on the ten holers was missing. When I purchased the Hohner 260 Chromatica, I finally realized what I was missing - QUALITY. There's just something about a wood or wood type comb that actually has that something plastic and metal comb harmonicas don't have - a soul. And this little gem has a soul the size of Texas.
Hongrui W. on 2018-09-05 brand new
Gordon B. on 2017-10-05 I appreciate the rapid service and would like to know what to do with my old Chromonica 260 Hohner that has reed and other mechanical challenges. Do you work on them? Who could fix up my old exact harmonica so that I could gift it to one of my grandchildren? Gordon Bergthold

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