Marine Band 1896 Classic

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Styles Blues
Level Intermediate
Properties 10 hole harmonica
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Great harmonica
David W. on 2021-10-18 5 stars
Great harmonica
David W. on 2021-10-18 5 stars
Great harmonica
David W. on 2021-10-18 5 stars
Scotty and the Badboys
Scott B. on 2021-10-01 A good one,sometimes there are issues right out of the box.. I've played with all the major Blues guys out of Chicago since 1975,been thru a lot of harps. When there was only Marine Bands About $3.00
Marine Band
michael m. on 2021-09-23 Excellent harmonica. Great sound. High quality.
Yu S. on 2021-08-23 Too slow
great sounding harp
Craig H. on 2021-08-05 I have several of the marine band and special 20 harps, these have a richer sound than the special 20, excellent harp!
Rick R. on 2021-06-21 Fine quality instrument. I have several.
afonso f. on 2021-05-14 Always wanted to learn how to play a harmonica purchased a hohner marine band what a perfect harmonica to start with, and at a great price , fast shipping, very pleased ????
Hohner Marine.Band Harp in C
Ron S. on 2021-04-03 Just a great harmonica
Hiep T. on 2021-03-17 Very good. I love it
April Allen
April A. on 2021-03-09 Still waiting for it !
James J. on 2021-03-01 Very Happy! I'm a student that was using a 10 year old harmonica that was holding me back, this Hohner has been a great help.
Fred P. on 2021-01-31 Im a beginner so here is my 2 cents I LIKE IT . cons its a tad bit out of tune and the comb swells when its played both can easily be fixed. CONCLUSION if you are serious about it upgrade to one with a lacquered comb (crossover) but for the price and for the experience well worth it I HIGHLY RECOMEND IT I recomend you try it can help with anxiety, stress and its relaxing
Michael G. on 2021-01-27 Thank you for your speedy delivery and excellent service The rest is up to me now
SENDIT . on 2021-01-20 Good
The one and only
Larry M. on 2021-01-18 Love it
ron t. on 2021-01-12

Very leaky overall so disappointed I bought a Deluxe and Harmo custom weed comb a week later  they're both a step up in price but at least they sound and play great!

Sister loves it
Sheila I. on 2021-01-09 Arrived late but not seller's fault
marine band
John C. on 2021-01-05 am having fun
Kirk S. on 2021-01-04 Awesome harp as I remembered it. Great price and shipping too !
Harmonica key c
Linda B. on 2020-12-31

The harmonica was a Christmas gift for my grandson it arrived on time and he was pleased with it and it seems to be good quality

Don't know what goes here.
Gale T. on 2020-12-19 No complaints.
Old Favorite
joe m. on 2020-12-18 I can't remember what harp I started with, that's too far back for me to recall, but I've been playing the marine band harp for many years and it has always been my go to favorite.
Marine band c
Douglas B. on 2020-12-16 Love my new marine band knocking out some blues
Hohner marine band harmonicas.
Brian F. on 2020-12-05 Best all around diatonic harmonicas I've ever played in my 48 years of playing. I would not consider buying anything else !
Prasanna M. on 2020-11-24 Hi, I would like to share my nice experience on my recent purchase on Harmonica 'Hohner Marine Band Classic 1896) Diatonic Key C. It has really clear and soothing musical sound and so easy to play around it. Being a novice I would say it is the best. Thank you for manufacturing this perfect product. Thank you!
Marine Band 1896
John D. on 2020-10-25 What a great harmonica. I have an assortment of keys and they all sound and play effortlessly.
Edward R. on 2020-10-20 The HOHNER MARINE BAND CLASSIC 1896 DIATONIC HARMONICA - KEY : E performs well. Blows, draws, and bends sound great. A perfect gift for beginner harmonica players.
Stephen S. on 2020-09-24 Nice solid professional type harmonica . I read once where a guy had one since he was a kid . A real wood product instead of plastic. Sounds like it should. Very satisfied.
Candy J. on 2020-08-19 I really like my harmonica. I'm having trouble trying to find where to start. I know nothing at all about playing a harmonica so simply starting for me was actually learning how to hold the harmonica. But it's something I really want to do and I am persistent and as long as I'm learning something new each day. I just sometimes have to go back and learn something before I can go father along and it was something I should of learned before I got to that point. Thanks for letting me comment. Candy Tidwell
Mark S. on 2020-08-05

It arrived quickly and it’s just fine. A bit disappointed with the finish not as good as my Harmo Polar.

Good Harp
Mirza D. on 2020-05-06

Although I made a mistake when ordering and ordered Key of C instead of key of A I was more than happy with the sound and quality of instrument

Great harmonica but comb swells
Michael D. on 2020-05-03

This harmonica it makes my songs come alive ☺️ But the body already got swollen looks like bad quality comb material

David K. on 2020-04-24 Great harmonicas , wonderful sound.
Back to all Hohner
Timothy M. on 2020-02-06 Going back to harpin roots
I'm happy with the harmonica...
Brett W. on 2020-01-15

I bought a Harmo Polar and a Marine Band and found the Marine band classic very hard to play and impossible to bend. This one is going back

Marine Band
R W. on 2020-01-10 Great instrument
R W. on 2019-12-26 Great Product
Sister loves it
Sheila I. on 2019-12-26 Thank you so much
Great product
jimmy w. on 2019-11-16 Great deal. Fast ship thanks
George N. on 2019-10-26 She LOVES it. Takes it everywhere music instructor says it is a big help to her. And she seems to be talking more. A year ago she was almost mutej
William B. on 2019-10-02 good prodct
Looks good
Ronald H. on 2019-04-03 Looks good
Keith, SC
keith g. on 2019-03-16 Great product at the best price anywhere! I’ll be a returning customer.
Defective harmonica
Karen C. on 2019-03-14 Opened the protective case to find the harmonica comb was cracked on one end at two place where the nails are.
albert s. on 2019-02-16

one note sticks.....

Hohner Marine Band Classic 1896 - Hohner Diatonic
sylvia m. on 2018-12-11 have not tried it out yet since it was purchased as a gift but it looks like a very nice instrument
Great product
Michael K. on 2018-10-10 Plays great, great price, but the wood was cracked were it was put together, still not disappointed...
Dominic C. on 2018-04-11 very good
One and only
Adam K. on 2018-03-22 Gold standard
sharon n. on 2018-03-19 Great
Great little Harp.
Billy W. on 2018-02-12 I got this really nice little Harp and am very happy with it. I did a lot of research and knew that I wanted a Marine Band as my first Harp and could not be happier.
Hohner marine band
jeff b. on 2018-01-06 Love It, got the Classic key of C & the Crossover in key of A sounds and feels amazing! Professional grade harp for a price you just can't beat.
Ordered 2
Timothy C. on 2017-11-02 Ordered 2 harmonicas, only got one. Sent a note last week about it, got no response. Not real happy about the service right now.
Marine Band à essayer
Jerome P. on 2010-07-18 Le grand classique de chez Hohner. A essayer une fois dans sa vie c'est celui que tous les bluesmen ont joué, j'aime bien le son mais moins le confort enfin c'est LE Marine Band: la référence a comparer aux autres.
The Classic Marine Band
Kenneth R. on 2005-02-09 They say they built this one in 1850 ! This is clearly a model everyone should try once that's the harmonica all others are compared too. The classic of all times. You have to have one Hohner Marine Band in your collection. Great service and fast shipping too :)
Luv it !
Alexis B. on 2009-08-16 Clearly not the best harmonica on the market but this is the Marine Band man !!! Great sound from the harp that started it all. That's the Stratocaster of harmonicas !

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