Harmo Angel 12





Styles Jazz
Level Beginner
Properties 12 hole standard chromatic harmonica
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Lives up to its name
Stanley B. on 2018-11-20

Very nice. Looks and sounds great. Definitely lives up to what's promised in the description. It's an excellent harmonica at a great price.

Great Chromatic for the money
James M. on 2018-07-17 This is my first Harmo and I would not hesitate to recommend this brand so far. It looks and sounds nice.
new hharps
Paul L. on 2018-04-24 I purchased two, C & G Angel 12s and they play well. I have been using the H***** CX-12 and these work as well for me at a lower price point. The only issue I have with the angel 12 is they are only available in 4 keys and there are only 3 shown on the key selection dropdown. I am hoping iis, like the competitor, the Angel will be made in all the rest of the keys, especially A, D, E, & F. Thanks for an alternative. We have maybe 50 songs through the new harps so longevity will need a few more gigs to determine.
Best quality price on the market
Christian A. on 2017-03-24 Got many issues with my super chromonica 270 in the past and was looking for a replacement. I love the mouthpiece, it's very easy to play and the slide works really great. Hard to beat in this price range, would recommend it for beginners too. The white box and comb gives it a very nice touch.

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