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Hohner is proud to offer the New Version of the iconic Super 64C.
16 hole chromatic harmonica Key of C

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Hohner Super 64C 16 hole chromatic harmonica key of C


The original HOHNER Super 64 has embodied the high end chromatic harmonica since it first came on the market. With the new Super 64, HOHNER upgrades this iconic instrument with a breathtaking design and a whole range of innovative features. The VarioSpring System permits individual adjustment of slide spring tension, while the revolutionary construction of the new SilentSlide is exceptionally airtight and almost completely silent in operation. In addition, the optimized comb chambers ensure fastest possible response. The new Super 64 also sets new standards in durability and ease of maintenance. The reed plates are mounted with screws, without contact to the covers, reducing reed wear and making basic maintenance much simpler. The covers are attached separately and the nylon case provided also serves as a mobile work bench. Truly a giant step in the evolution of the chromatic harmonica.

Reed plates (material, thickness):brass, 1.2 mm
Reed plates (surface):brass
Reeds (number, material):64, brass
Comb (material, color):ABS, black
Comb (finish):ABS
Mouthpiece (surface):stainless stell, polished
Cover plates:stainless steel
Slide construction:zigzag
Tuning:solo tuning
Number of holes:16
Tonal range:4 octaves, C3 - D7
Length:19.8 cm / 7.8"

Key of C

Great Value
Richard F. on 04/20/2021A wonderful instrument for the price. True quality.
Hohner Super 64
Tom M. on 11/14/2020the harmonica arrived in a short period of the time and well packed and in great shape!
Happy Customer
Sean H. on 08/24/2020Wanted this for a long time. Didn’t disappoint.
Really great harmonica
Mark V. on 05/19/2020

Love the sound of the Super 64C. This is my first ever Chromatica harmonica so I have a learning curve but my ear is adjusting. Practice, practice, practice. But lots of fun. This harmonica has a great depth to the sound. It is very responsive. Thank You so much for your fast and prompt service. You folks respond to messages very quickly. Thank you again

Good product...
Tarun R. on 05/17/2020

HoHner should provide small pocket carry bag for it.

Rodney G. on 02/20/2020.
NIck Clement
Nick C. on 11/19/2019Very pleased with the harp and the delivery was spot on. Arrived on the exact day.
Best Harmonica yet
Edmond T. on 04/11/2019This harmonica is amazing, in many respects it satisfies my needs to play any kind of music, from blues to pop, it's a total winner. It produces very clear single note quality for great solo performance! Haven't tried pushing it to hard yet but there really hasn't been a need to yet either. Actually it's my late night go to harp,great sound at low volume!

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