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      Seydel Concerto Series
      Seydel Concerto Series
      Seydel Concerto Series
      Seydel Concerto Series
      Seydel Concerto Series
      Seydel Concerto Series
      Seydel Concerto Series

      Seydel Concerto Series

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      Seydel Concerto Series Octave harmonica handmade in Germany

      Our best Richter-tuned Octave Harmonica with 40 stainless steel reeds for folky music and melodies of any kind.


      The CONCERTO STEEL is a high grade octave-tuned double-reed diatonic. The notes are aranged exactly like on a 10-hole diatonic (Richter tuning).

      The compact design and the typical full sonoric octave sound makes the CONCERTO STEEL the ideal musical companion for events of all kinds - the ideal pocket orchestra for assertive melody  and full chord playing.

      The CONCERTO STEEL has a divided comb made of maintenance-free plastic and profits from the approved stainless steel reeds well known for durability and tuning stability.

      Tuning stability is especially important for octave-tuned harmonicas where two reeds in one channel are either tuned exactly an octave apart. When drawing or blowing, the two reeds oscillate simultaneously, giving a full organ-like sound. Built-in windsavers (half-valving) minimize air loss, improve tone control and increase the overall volume while the playing pressure remains moderate.

      • 2 x 10 discrete holes 40 stainless steel reeds, half-valved
      • metallic green plastic double row comb (ABS) - 2 reeds (blow/draw) per hole
      • stainless steel coverplates
      • reedplates made of German Silver, 1mm
      • weight: 96g (3.4 Oz)
      • measures: 125 x 30 x 27mm (4.9, x 1.18 x 1.06 inches) 

      The CONCERTO STEEL comes in ten different keys and is the flagship from the SEYDEL STEEL OCTAVE series.

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      Seydel Concerto steel octave harmonica
      Seydel Concerto Series