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Suzuki Fabulous harmonica

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Fabulous Suzuki harmonica. Silver plated high end harmonica.

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Fabulous Suzuki

Top of the line silver plated harmonica by Suzuki
Much heavier than any other harmonica on the market
The Fabulous has a great powerful tone
Everything is heavier and thicker on this model comb, covers and reeds !

Harmonica comb material: metal silver plated


Recommended for harmonica: advanced / pro
Style of music: Pop, Jazz, blues, country
Famous harmonica players using it: 


LevelHollywood bowl
Holes10 hole harmonica
great harps
John E. on 09/06/2020Great selection on all levels
raymond B. on 05/25/2018je viens de recevoir mon harmonica fabulous 12 jours après commande mais bon avec les fêtes et ponts super rapide quand a l'harmonica un vrais plaisir super puissant au moins la ont l’entend maintenant au travail
thierry d. on 03/20/2018Pleinement satisfait de ce modèle.


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