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Hohner Echo 56-96 Double C/G





Hohner Echo 56-96 Double C/G

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Hohner Echo Harp Double C/G 56-96

The Sound Heard Around the World. Get yourself some old time religion with this vibrato harp that is much beloved in the gospel circles of the American South. Go continental with the harmonica that sounds like an accordion in a French cafe. Show your Celtic roots with a tremolo sound popular with the Scottish Highlands and the Wee Folk of Ireland. Play malaguenas while senoritas dance in the Latin Quarter. An essential harp for Mickey Raphael (Willie Nelson). A true world traveler that makes you feel right at home.


  • Maple wood combs
  • Opposing sides are tuned a fifth apart
  • 96 reeds
  • Double-sided instrument - 2 harmonicas in 1!
  • Key of C/G
LevelBetter than my neighbour
HolesGrandpa models

Gift for son
Kevin W. on 12/31/2020The tone is beautiful he loves to play it now it is a wonderful Pastime thank you
Echo a Delight
Bryant F. on 12/28/2020These little "Wurlitzers" are a delight - and for all you get - 48 holes up/down - nearly 100 individual reeds (if I'm correct") - a bit tricky for single notes but that comes quickly - and absolutely killer for a Christmas carol medley - as well as Mexican Tejano, zydeco and squeeze box replication. Like I say - a delight!
Exactly what we expected!
Marilyn S. on 12/24/2020I ordered this harmonica as a replacement one for one he had worn out and we could not find replacement parts. He had this model for about 25 years and one of the wooden combs broke. This harmonica has the same wonderful sound as his previous one. He's very happy being able to play again although a little rusty from being out of practice.
Great Website - product - delivery
Jerry B. on 12/19/2020My experience was wonderful.
Cheryl H. on 11/27/2020My husband loves him Harmonica but he wants a dvd or book on how to play! Do you have any suggestions??
Gift for Christmas
Sylvia P. on 10/05/2020This is a replacement for a harmonica my husband stepped or sat on..... I'm sure he'll be thrilled to get it for Christmas.
Owen Lowe , WV
Owen L. on 08/12/2020Hey guys, a thumbs up for Harmonica Land. The staff was very knowledgeable and ordering a 56/96 Echo Harp, like my dad played years ago was thrilling. I received my harmonica in about 3 days. I would recommend harmonica land to anyone looking for a quality instrument.. it’s the same great sound from years ago with a different player ! Thanks H L
Hohner Echo 56-96 Double C/G
Lisa H. on 03/25/2019My dad is extremely satisfied with the Harmonica he purchased. He loves t.
My Horner Echo
David N. on 04/26/2018Real pleased with the Harmonica, it sounds great and the folks at the jam sessions like it to. Dave
So happy
Kay S. on 03/19/2018My 83 year old father asked me to find an exact replacement for the Harmonica he has had since the 70s. One Google search led me to Harmonicaland and a few days later, a very happy dad.

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