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Thunderbird Hohner low harmonica, Crossover tuned lower

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Thunderbird Hohner

The Thunderbird is basically a Marine Band Crossover Hohner available in Low alternative keys one octave lower than the usual diatonic harmonica :
Low C, Low D, Low Eb, Low E, Low F, Low G, Low A, Low Bb and even Low Low F (2 octaves lower than a standard F)

It is easy to disassemble, has a great sound projection due to improved covers and had a nice bamboo comb.

Harmonica comb material: bamboo

Recommended for harmonica: All levels
Style of music: Blues, folk, rhythm

Famous harmonica players using it:

LevelBetter than my neighbour
Holes10 hole harmonica

James L. on 10/12/2021A
low low F
Mateusz M. on 06/21/2021absolutely love it
Pete B. on 05/21/2021Great product!! Prompt shipping!
Martin S. on 04/25/2021Good Harp
jim melladews harp
jim m. on 04/06/2021very nice thank you
brian k. on 02/27/2021Have not received it yet. Amazon says it may be lost in transit. I will give it a few more days then will reorder if I have not received ????
The Harmonica Guy (Tom)
Tom B. on 02/19/2021I have been playing harmonica since the 4th grade. I have been using Hohner harmonicas the most. I have tried Suzuki, Seidel, Lee Oskar & others, but keep returning to, what I consider, the tried & true Hohner. I have performed for years in schools, colleges, churches & private venues as well as teaching harmonica. Very satisfied with my purchase, thanks!
Hohner Thunderbird Low G ... Just what I needed.
GREG S. on 10/12/2020Trying to expand my repertoire of songs and the lastest need low key instruments. This baby fits the bill perfectly. Added a Low C already Low A and a Low Low F (just because) coming.
greg d. on 04/13/2020Perfect Harp, Perfect service!
Chris H. on 11/03/2019Excellent service
Wallace S. on 09/29/2019Haven't played one in some 40 years, Hand two in hand at once, It brings back a memory from those years gone by. Thank you for the thoughts that go by...
awesome after some tweaking
Sheldon K. on 03/15/2019Absolute worst harmonica I've ever bought out of the box. The 1 and 3 blow reeds were bent in and stuck. It was an easy fix, and now it's my favorite low-tuned harp. It was disappointing that it needed work out of the box to make it playable (especially for such an expensive harp), but, again, it was an easy fix.
T Bird Low G
Todd F. on 12/20/2018Fantastic sound....Love it!
Very pleased
Donald L. on 07/17/2018Product very good quality.
Robert M. on 06/09/2018thanks. very happy customer. it's a really good playing harp
Still a satisfied customer
Ned C. on 05/25/2018I really like the Thunderbird lo. I am discovering things in the lower octive that are new and that I like. The Thunderbird has great sound and ease of playing. I will another key soon.
Thunderbird purchase
Ed J. on 05/15/2018I was very satisfied with the product
Thunderbird purchase
Ed J. on 05/15/2018I was very satisfied with the product
Thunderbird purchase
Ed J. on 05/15/2018I was very satisfied with the product
Harold H. on 04/03/2018Perfect product
FRANCIS L. on 12/30/2017This thing has a great mellow sound that you can use in your house, but can still get volume if you open up and wail. No Reed rattle.
Hohner Low C
Patrick H. on 12/12/2017Very happy with my purchase. Killer price! Playing it held in a harmonica holder and a soprano ukulele. Great contrast. Also, doing the same thing with the low, low F. New, rich sounds compared to my Hohner Marine Band harmonicas. Lovin' it. Feel free to post this review. Thankyou!
The Thunderbird low low F harmonica
Chris S. on 10/06/2017A tremendous sound from such a small harmonica. This was a great acquisition.
Philip D. on 09/21/2017I love this low D harp. So much easier to play and beter sounding than even my previous Hohner Marine Band low D!
My best low A harp
Philip D. on 09/21/2017This harp plays so much better than my other brand name low A. It just does.
Best low key harps EVER!
Philip D. on 09/21/2017Hohner Crossovers have quick and consistent response and a clear, bright sound like no other harp I've played. Thunderbirds bring the same amazing qualities to low keys with almost no noticeable lag or delay on the low reeds. They do take just a little getting used to, but you'll love the results you can get.
Top du top harmonica Thunderbird
Stephane C. on 11/19/2015Top du top cet harmonica Thunderbird ! Génial pour les rythmiques blues dans le grave avec l'accordage Low j'ai pris un Low low F monstrueux ! Le Low A aussi super je le joue en rythmique avec mon guitariste et après je prends un A standard pour le solo ca déchire

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