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Hohner Rocket - Hohner Diatonic Harmonicas





  • 10-holes diatonic harmonica
  • Wide open cover plates
  • Plastic comb with rounded sides and edges

Introduce the Hohner Rocket! A brand new upgrade of the Hohner Special 20, featuring enhanced design and top-notch quality!

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Description: Hohner Rocket

The Rocket is what we could call and upgraded version of the Hohner Special 20 harmonica. He features innovative open cover plates that allow you to produce a significantly louder sound. The channel design has also been enhanced to ensure maximum loudness.

This harmonica is recommended for multiple kinds of players, from beginner to advanced.

The Hohner Rocket is a genuine masterpiece of design in the domain of diatonic harmonicas.

The covers and reed plates are fitted with quality and solid Philips screws, which make disassembly easier to facilitate maintenance. The comb has been ergonomically redesigned to give complete comfort by being rounded and polished to give a smoother touch. This unique design makes it more comfortable to play. The Hohner Rocket will fit in your hand as if it’s been designed for it… and it has!

This harmonica is perfect to play blues pop, rock, country and pretty much every contemporary style. It is used by he famous Texan harmonica player Ronnie Shellist.

Hohner Rocket – FREE Shipping in the USA !

Styles Blues
Level Beginner
Holes 10 hole harmonica
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GILLES B. on 08/11/2018 agréable en mains et en bouche
Hohner Consistent Quality - Great A Harp
Mark K. on 08/06/2018 Hohner harps are quality and consistent. HarmonicaLand is grade A+ ~ professional, quality, fast delivery. I’ll only buy Hohner’s and only from HarmonicaLand.
Great Sound
Daniel B. on 07/19/2018 A very nice and easy to play harp. Easy bends and relatively louder than a Spacial 20. Glad I have a few keys.
Best harmonica to my knowledge and for my purpose
Borden P. on 02/24/2018 Loud, smooth, big sound.
Hohner Rocket in A
Steven W. on 02/21/2018 What can I say about a new Hohner harmonica? I love the volume of this harp but from now on I will probably spend a few more dollars to get them on Prime so I can receive them in two days.
Cool harp
Artur M. on 02/18/2018 I didn't expect much from this model - but it turned to be a very loud, responsive instrument, especially in key of Eb you can play pretty fast on it, like !
Loud and Clear !
Max T. on 08/16/2001 Just got my Hohner Rocket harmonica from Harmonicaland, thanks for the service guys ! That;s the new Hohner, it has a plastic comb that;s betterquality than their entry model feels better to hold and play. It is a bit louder as advertised. I am somewhat disappointed because it is not as airtight as one would expect.

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