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Chromatic 12 holes harmonica, Seydel Chromatic De Luxe Harmonica

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Chromatic De Luxe Seydel

Chromatic Harmonica with 12 holes 48 notes key C.
The Standard tuning of the Chromatic Harmonica Purists among the players insist -and they stress- that the key of C is the only tuning necessary when playing 'Chrom'.They say that a violinist also does not carry several tuned violins around to be able to play all classic works.
This may be expected in a classic environment However not everybody practises 8 hours a day to overcome the limits of knowledge to play in all scales. Now if you simply change your instrument you have them all available.

LevelBetter than my neighbour
Holes12 hole standard chromatic harmonica

Gerald M. on 07/02/2020The harmonica works and sounds great
Over-the-top customer service
David B. on 05/20/2020Even in the time of Covid these folks managed to give me great service and a terrific product shipped on-time. Well done!
Love it
Jessie M. on 11/10/2019My first Seydel! Excellent chromatic harmonica! Love it! Sounds beautiful.
Seydel Chromatic De Luxe - Key : Low C
Herbert A. on 09/18/2018Factory fresh. Plays well, even tone and good response.

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