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Hohner harmonicas

Hohner is the first harmonica brand that made the harmonica popular. Matthias Hohner who was a clockmaker founded Hohnerh harmonicas and managed to quickly expand his business to the USA so that every harmonica player was playing a Hohner harmonica by the end of the 19th century!

Hohner harmonica

Founded by Matthias Hohner in 1857. The Hohner harmonica factory is located in Trossingen Germany and also manufactures a wide range of musicla instruments such as Kazoos, Accordions, banjos, Guitars, Drums but what really put Hohner on the Music market map was the harmonica.

Hohner gave harmonicas to his family who distributed them to soldiers during the Civil War and shortly after Hohner harmonicas sales skyrocketed in the USA. Since then Hohner has been the most selling harmonica brand in the world, managing to even send one of their keychain harmonicas to space onboard a NASA spaceship!

Hohner's harmonica design is still a classic and some models are virtually unchanged. The Marine Band 1896 Classic is a very simple agglomerate wood, brass reed harmonica with covers simply riveted to the comb which makes it impossible to disassemble but remains a top seller and a favorite among players because of its tone.

Hohner diatonic harmonicas offer an incredibly wide range of models with a lot of redundancy in the design and sometimes a lack of innovation but still retains the classic warm sound that made Hohner famous.
Among Hohner classic diatonic harmonicas we find the Marine Band 1896, The Special 20 used a lot in Rock and modern Blues, The Golden Melody, Blues Harp, Meisterklasse featuring an aluminum comb, Marine Band Deluxe, Big River and the Pro Harp.

More recent models included in Hohner Progressive series are the Rocket, Rocket Amp, Rocket Low, the Crossover, and the Thunderbird (which is really just a Crossover available in low tunings)

Hohner also developed the chromatic harmonica that was made famous by Larry Adler, Toots Thielemans, or Stevie Wonder. Hohner harmonicas include the following chromatic harmonicas all available on harmonicaland website at the best discounted price:
Chrometta 8, Chrometta 10, Chrometta 12 and 14
Discovery 48
Chromonica 270 a classic Hohner harmonica
Chromonica 260
Chromonica 270 Deluxe
Chromonica 280
CX12 Black
CX-12 Jazz
Meisterklasse chromatic - a high end Hohner harmonica
The Amadeus with a plexiglass comb
The Silverto Concert
The Super 64C Performance
The Super 64X performance
Larry Adler signature
Bob Dylan signature
Toots Thielemas Signature
John Lennon signature

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