Hohner Blues Harp - Hohner Diatonic Harmonicas





  • wooden comb for fuller tone
  • 10 single holes with 20 reeds
  • 4-inch diatonic blues harmonica

The Blues Harp Hohner harmonica has a warm sound that will suit every blues musician, from beginner to experienced. Very easy to play, perfect to produce soft and deep tones.

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Hohner Blues Harp

The Blues means so much to music… it is a synonym of wide plains, of whiskey glasses, of gigs in the corner of a bar, a guitar player on the back porch and unforgettable memories…
When it comes to Blues harmonica the Hohner Blues Harp comes to mind. With a good quality wood comb the Hohner Blues Harp gives you the warm sound you'd expect for acoustic Blues playing. Brass reeds for a good tone, stainless steel covers to last longer, the Hohner Blues Harp is the perfect companion for Acoustic guitar players, Chicago Blues players who are looking for an authentic blues sound right from the beginning.

The world wouldn’t be the same without Blues music. And the Blues wouldn’t be the same without the sound of the harmonica.
The harmonica is distinctive of this timeless music and the Blues Harp is at the core of what defines Blues harmonica.
Made by Hohner in Germany for over a century the Blues harp harmonica will create those magic blues melodies and tones you've been looking for.
The Hohner Blues Harp has been created and perfected for this precise purpose: to play legendary blues songs.Its very warm and deep sound makes it the favorite of countless Blues players.

The wooden comb of the Blues Harp allows you to produce rich tones, that will delight any audience and will revive the memory of all the legendary blues musicians, from Little Walter to Paul Butterfield.

Let yourself be tempted by this little jewel of raw power and true grit!

With its 10 holes, the Hohner Blues Harp is very easy and convenient to play with. It is a must-have for every blues musician, and is suited for every players, from beginners to professionals.

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LevelBetter than my neighbour
Holes10 hole harmonica

Great Purchase Experience
Nathan S. on 08/19/2021Great Purchase Experience!
Fast Shipping & Accurate
Nathan S. on 08/19/2021Great Purchase Experience
Great product!
Paula V. on 06/10/2021The product is perfect … best price out there! Couldn’t want for more.
Reliable and durable
Dave R. on 05/04/2021Horner harps are reliable and durable. I buy a lot of harmonicas because I must be hard on them. The Hohner is always the one to buy because they last longer.
Great tone and playability...
Bryan W. on 03/01/2021Definitely a great harp for the price and has that Blues tone!!
blues harp
Rex j. on 09/03/2020love it!
blues harp
mark e. on 08/31/2020Great deal!
Annette H. on 06/01/2020I received the WRONG harmonica.
Daniel F. on 05/30/2020You sent me the catalog for Harmo; I wish I would have known about that line of products ahead of time.
Haven't received it yet!
Melody D. on 04/18/2019Still waiting for you to send it!
Jamie D. on 01/04/2019Very nice! Super fast shipment!!!! Thank you
Aminor harp
Jim K. on 07/09/2018I was excited to find an Am harp. I had been looking for years. However, I was a bit disappointed to find there are 2 kinds of Am harps. Natural vs Harmonic. The harp I received is a Harmonic. I think the Natural would probably be more what I needed.
All good
Dave R. on 04/14/2018I received my harmonica very quickly and it was as it was described.
blues harp
glen H. on 04/09/2018i was very happy, i love playing the blues harp, and the price was great, thank you
Hohner Blues Harp key of A
Edward H. on 02/14/2018Excellent tone, playability, ease of bending, loud, cool design. Stylish rugged carrying case. Equal to my Special 20 but I like the BH better. Highly recommended.
Good old Blues harp
Sandeep J. on 09/27/2011The Blues Harp was my first harp so I bought a new one from harmonicaland. It still sounds the same and it is a very nice harmonica indeed. Great bang for the bucks !
Blues Harp, the name says it all
Mikey S. on 07/18/2016Same style as the marine band but I like the sound of the Hohner Blues Harp better. Excellent for acoustic blues exactly what I was looking for. Swiftly shipped.

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