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Hohner J.J. Milteau Deep Blues Harmonica

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Signature model Jean Jacques Milteau
Model done in collaboration with the great french harmonica player Jean Jacques Milteau.

Jean-Jacques Milteau, born 17 April 1950 in Paris, is a French blues harmonica player, singer, and songwriter. Milteau became interested in the harmonica when he first heard folk and rock music (such as Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones) in the 1960s. He played with French singers like Yves Montand, Eddy Mitchell, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Maxime Le Forestier, Barbara, and Charles Aznavour in various styles, from blues to jazz. Recording his first solo album in 1989, the diatonic player has also authored methods for learning the harmonica.

Recommended for harmonica: All leves
Style of music: Blues

Famous harmonica players using it: Milteau


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