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CX-12 black Hohner chromatic harmonica

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CX-12 black Hohner

With few exceptions, harmonica construction has changed little over the course of the last 100 years. However, they say it’s the exception that proves the rule and our CX12 is nothing if not exceptional! Our designers threw all preconceptions about how to construct a chromatic harmonica out of the window when they came up with this award-winning design, which eliminates a separate mouthpiece by integrating it into a one piece housing. The comb and reed plate assembly simply slots into the cover and mouthpiece unit and is secured in place by a powerful steel spring at the back.

The one piece slide can be removed in one easy motion and the instrument can be disassembled and reassembled in seconds without using any tools. This brilliantly simple construction also almost completely eliminates air loss, ensuring that the CX12 is the loudest, most airtight chromatic harmonica on the market. Its unique sound and amazing dynamic range make it ideal for the modern player in rock, pop and jazz. The revolutionary design doesn’t just look and sound great, it’s also incredibly service friendly.

Need for service
leslie l. on 10/02/2020

Right out of the box, I had a problem with the harp. I contacted you through eBay and ended up having to send it to Hohner for service. I sent it to them on 9/29 and am waiting to see what they do. Your company sent me a warranty repair form through the eBay site which I was unable to print successfully and I had to call Hohner for a form.

Really nice key
Michael S. on 06/07/2020The A tuning is in a nice lower register than the normal C solo tuning, which I normally play. Almost “clarinetish” if you will.
Best price for best Hohner 12 hole chrom.
Michael H. on 04/18/2020Harmonicaland always seems to have the best price on chroms. This B got here today and is now my go to for songs in F, Bb and Eb as a C harmonica.
Whose title?
Robert S. on 03/02/2020The new seamless body works quite well. It's now my preferred instrument.
Nothing beats a Hohner
David L. on 01/20/2020Well designed Chromatic, I needed a reasonable replacement for my old CBH - we will see if it pans out.
Slow delivery
Fred S. on 01/12/2020Asking for a signature really slows down the delivery
Slow delivery
Fred S. on 01/12/2020Asking for a signature really slows down the delivery
Chromatic rookie
Bill F. on 05/17/2019I’ve been strictly a diatonic player until now. I’m looking forward to getting acquainted with my new cx12. My initial experience with it has been positive, it’s a nice instrument.
My Favorite Harmonica
Bernard A. on 05/11/2019This is my second CX12 and I like it better than my key of C. I find it airtight, easy to play, relatively maintenance free, and sounds great on stage.
Very fast shipping
abby l. on 04/26/2019I love my new harmonica and it came all the way to Hawaii in 4 days! So fast! Very very happy with the excellent service
douglas a. on 06/04/2018Great
Chris S. on 12/07/2017I am very happy
boring 2
Kenneth R A. on 10/31/2017see sorry this is boring. Harmonicaland is awesome..
sorry this is boring..

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