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- The 131 min DVD Encyclopedia of Scales

- Encyclopedia of Scales for Harmonica book (88 pages)

- Exercises for Harmonica book (examples played on the DVD + 12 etudes)

- 230 loops - Play alongs for Improvisation

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Holes14 hole chromatic harmonica
Steve T. on 03/02/2021

Very comprehensive bundle for anyone serious about improving their skills on the harmonica.

Good stuff!
Tommy C. on 01/24/2020There's a lot of good stuff on the internet about modes and scales, but I still struggle to be clear and to actually HEAR the difference in detail on a harmonica. David Herzhaft's DVDs allow ma to do that. Not only does he explain the modes in detail but he also provides multiple examples of how they're used and even has loops that can be utilized for practicing each mode. I'm a hard-head and it helps that I can listen to the DVD over and over again until the modes make sense, or until I get a better sense of how and when they are utilized.I'm very happy with my purchase. I know everyone learns differently but, for me, this has proven to be the first material that ever made the modes clear for a harmonica player. Thank you!

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