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Harmo Admiral 64



Harmo Admiral 64 professional chromatic harmonica

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Admiral 64 chromatic harmonica by Harmo® 

High-end professional model

The Admiral 64 is a top-of-the-line professional, 16-hole chromatic harmonica.
Under an elegant design, its heavy brass comb carries on the loud, rich and deep tone you expect.
The super precise setup optimizes airflow and makes all playing intentions come through.

The slider plays like butter, don't look any further!

64 reeds, 16 holes, classic full four-octave range.

Round-shaped holes for easy playing.

Comes in a quality, sturdy padded zip pouch and a wiping cloth for cleaning.


Key of C

Styles Classical
Level Hollywood bowl
Holes 16 hole chromatic harmonica
Deep sound and solid feel
Youssef R. on 04/08/2017 Got it as a gift from the wife. I own a Super 64X and this harmonica surprised me by its deep tone and weight ! I think it's a brass comb (you definitely feel it's heavier than usual) with some kind of chrome finish. The tone is very round and the harmonica is easy to play / slide. It comes in a very fancy pouch. Delighted !

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