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      Hohner Special 20 Country tuned
      Hohner Special 20 Country tuned
      Hohner Special 20 Country tuned

      Hohner Special 20 Country tuned

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      Special 20 harmonica by Hohner
      Country tuning

      The Hohner Special 20 Country tuning has a raised draw 5 that enables you to play a full G major scale on a C harmonica in second position.
      It makes it easier to play fiddle country bluegrass tunes in second position on this Hohner Special 20 harp.
      This harmonica comes with a plastic box, it has a plastic comb, brass reeds and stainless steel covers.
      It is the same model as the Hohner Special 20 progressive but with the 5 draw raised a half step.

      For Country music and Bluegrass we also recommend the Harmo Polar super country tuning that extends the G major scale all the way to hole 10 with 9 and 10 retuned.


      The Hohner Progressive Series

      The Progressive Series is a diverse range of harmonicas that celebrate the individuality of players and their desire to progress the world of music onwards. From blues to rock to jazz to pop, you will find a great harp from the progressive series. The Special 20 is widely regarded as the best beginner's harp in the world, with many other harmonicas taking inspiration from it. The Rocket, Rocket Amp and Rocket Low are great for advanced players with their comfortable design and high volume. Finally, the Golden Melody is the harp for soloists who want to play melodies that are perfectly in tune with their bands.

      About Hohner

      Hohner was founded in 1857 when clockmaker Matthias Hohner began making harmonicas. His harps quickly gained traction in the world of harmonica players and were particularly popular in the United States. From the 1920s they began making chromatic harmonicas, now players could access all 12 notes without the need of bending. To this day Hohner is best known for their harmonicas with a huge range catering for all players in all genres of music. They also make melodicas, a similar instrument that uses a keyboard to produce different notes rather than mouth shape alone. At Gear4music we stock a broad range of Hohner harmonicas and melodicas plus accessories.

      Country Tuning

      This harp is in country tuning, a modified version of the standard Richter tuning. Country tuning raises the fifth draw reed up by a semitone. This provides a major seventh on the draw chord rather than the dominant seventh in standard Richter tuning. So when playing in second position, you can play the major seventh scale. As the name would imply this is popular amongst country music players so if you're interested in that type of music this is the harmonica for you.


      • Type: Diatonic
      • Tuning: Richter
      • Reed plates (material, thickness): Brass, 0.9 mm
      • Reed plates (surface): Brass
      • Reeds (number, material): 20, brass
      • Comb (material, colour): ABS, black
      • Comb (finish): ABS
      • Mouthpiece (surface): ABS
      • Cover plates: Stainless steel
      • Number of holes: 10
      • Tonal range: 3 octaves
      • Length: 10.2 cm / 4.0"
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