Rocket Hohner





Harmonica Rocket Hohner, modele puissant dans le style du Special 20

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Rocket Hohner

L'harmonica Rocket Hohner est un peu au Special 20 ce que le crossover est au marine band 
C'est une version plus moderne et amelioree du Special 20. Corps plastique plus arrondi pour un meilleur confort de jeu
Capots ouverts pour une belle projection et un volume sonore meilleur, vis de meilleure qualite pour un demontage plus rapide.


Sommier harmonica: plastique

Recommendé pour harmonicistes: Debutants et avance
Style musical: Blues, Rock, Pop, Country

Harmonicistes connus qui le joue: Ronnie Shellist

Styles Blues
Level Débutant
Properties 10 trous

Hohner Rocket
John N. le 2019-12-30 Good value, great sound!
Great Price
John D. le 2019-12-23 Excellent harmonica at a great price.
Pocket Rocket
Ross B. le 2019-12-22 What can I say, it’s a Hohner Rocket!!
Dennis A. le 2019-10-17 Not quite as good as I expected
Love this harp!
Clifford N. le 2019-04-19 Great volume, easy to modulate, wonderful ergonomics!
Jacked up special 20 !
John L. le 2019-04-19 Plays great. Really impressed. I play Hohner Special 20 crossovers and pro harps. I believe I will be ordering more keys with this rocket. Sounds great plays nice.
VALERII S. le 2019-04-05 Great store, quality products. I recommend to everyone!
Damien C
Damien C. le 2019-04-01 Débutant, j'apprécie la qualité de l'harmonica et sa confection, très bien adapté pour l'apprentissage !
You'll love this harmonica
David D. le 2019-03-19 This is like an industrial build supercharged Special 20. Louder than my Crossover and just as ready to play and comfortable.
James C. le 2019-02-15 Great Harmonica
GILLES B. le 2018-08-11 agréable en mains et en bouche
Hohner Consistent Quality - Great A Harp
Mark K. le 2018-08-06 Hohner harps are quality and consistent. HarmonicaLand is grade A+ ~ professional, quality, fast delivery. I’ll only buy Hohner’s and only from HarmonicaLand.
Great Sound
Daniel B. le 2018-07-19 A very nice and easy to play harp. Easy bends and relatively louder than a Spacial 20. Glad I have a few keys.
Best harmonica to my knowledge and for my purpose
Borden P. le 2018-02-24 Loud, smooth, big sound.
Hohner Rocket in A
Steven W. le 2018-02-21 What can I say about a new Hohner harmonica? I love the volume of this harp but from now on I will probably spend a few more dollars to get them on Prime so I can receive them in two days.
Cool harp
Artur M. le 2018-02-18 I didn't expect much from this model - but it turned to be a very loud, responsive instrument, especially in key of Eb you can play pretty fast on it, like !
Loud and Clear !
Max T. le 2001-08-16 Just got my Hohner Rocket harmonica from Harmonicaland, thanks for the service guys ! That;s the new Hohner, it has a plastic comb that;s betterquality than their entry model feels better to hold and play. It is a bit louder as advertised. I am somewhat disappointed because it is not as airtight as one would expect.

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