Orchestra Seydel





l'harmonica Orchestra Seydel est un session steel avec corps rouge et accorde en soliste

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Orchestra S Seydel


Harmonica accorde en soliste du coup le trou 3 souffle est la fondamentale
Cet accordage permet de jouer la gamme majeure dans le grave sans aucune alteration
lamelle inox


Sommier harmonica: plastique
Recommendé pour harmonicistes: Debutants
Style musical: Blues, Pop, Folk
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Mistake mine
tom m. le 2019-10-19

Love yr instruments but mistakenly ordered Orchestral G harp . Realized mistake in first couple seconds of playing - low end tuning is different to diatonic Session Steel , my favorite. 
So for what's it worth please make sure you select the right tuning this is a solo tuning not a standard tuning.

Seydel Session Steel - orchestra tuned.
John B. le 2018-04-28 This is a good non-Richter tuned harmonica. Glad I bought it.
John s. - musician
john s. le 2018-02-05 prompt service. wonderful price. product as promised. i will be back.
Good quality
Robert L K. le 2017-11-23 Durable and great quality!
Excellent harmonica
Robert L. le 2017-10-26 Worth every penny!

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