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Chromonica 270 Deluxe Hohner





Super Chromonica deluxe fabriqué en Allemagne chez Hohner avec le plus grand soin; il a un sommier en bois, cinq vis pour une étanchéité améliorée, des coins arrondis et la tirette à action raccourcie peut être installée à gauche. 

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Chromonica 270 Deluxe Hohner

La version Deluxe du Chromonica 48/270 ameliore la version standard du chromonica 270. Par rapport au 270 d'origine et tout en conservant la puissance et la richesse du son HOHNER classique, le 48/270 Deluxe offre une meilleure prise en mains, un volume de jeu supérieur et une réponse plus rapide. Assemblé avec cinq vis pour une étanchéité maximale et une maintenance plus facile, le 48/270 Deluxe est doté d'une embouchure chromée avec des canaux ronds pour un meilleur confort de jeu. Ses anches de 1,2 millimètre d'épaisseur restituent un son plein et puissant. La tirette, qui peut être installée à gauche, est souple et silencieuse. Le sommier, aux bords arrondis pour une meilleure ergonomie, est en bois de poirier. Quant aux capots, stables et robustes, ils sont gravés avec soin et finesse.

Sommier harmonica: bois
Recommendé pour harmonicistes: avance
Style musical: Jazz, calssique, pop
Harmonicistes connus qui le joue: 

Styles Jazz
Level Olympia
Properties Chromatique standard 12 trous

Hohner 270 Deluxe
Don M. le 2021-09-25 This instrument is an excellent example of the expertise in design and quality of workmanship of the Hohner people. The improvements over earlier models are significant. It is a pleasure to pick up this harp and enjoy the ease involved in playing and sound that is refreshing.
Hohner super chromonica 270 c deluxe
Manas B. le 2021-07-13 Harmonica land send me a wrong harmonica, returned item on time to the sealer, now straggling for my refund. Very disappointed.
Individual purchaser
George S. le 2021-02-01 I'm pleased with my purchase
Comb and Hole Shape
Paula G. le 2020-01-26 Love the richer tone from the wood comb. Worth the extra $ for the round holes. I also have Suzuki, Tombo and Seydel chromatics. My faves are the Seydel and this Hohner..
Daniel M. le 2019-11-01 very nice, responsive, clear, a new challenge
Piano Man Tom
Tom S. le 2019-03-14 Definitely a new learning curve. I had difficulties with certain notes. After discussing this with Harmonicaland, I sent it to Hohner to be checked out. Upon it's return, I didn't notice any difference. I can assume now it's not the instrument, but my technique, or lack thereof.
Terrific instrument
Steven B. le 2018-08-23 Precision craftsmanship, nice sound.
Great harp
Gaston R. le 2018-06-13 A really great harmonica at a very good price.Good fast service.Gaston
5 stars
Rocco M. le 2018-01-15 Very pleased
Mandeep S. le 2017-11-28 Really appreciate same day despatch of my order here to Canada where I live. Harmonica came in excellent condition and is a brand new piece.Plays beautifully.Its my first purchase from Harmonica land and may be now its my final stop for my future buying.I have previously purchased Honer 270 Deluxe from Amazon USA, and even from Canada and India.Have also purchased from Japan a Honer super 64 .This so far has been the most satisfying quality i have received.
A very satisfied customer
Ned C. le 2017-09-23 I am impressed with not only the Chromonica but also the excellent service I received. I can highly recommend Harmonicaland.
will use many more times
Kenneth R A. le 2017-09-21 This is a great harp..280 C.

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