CX12 Jazz Hohner





Harmonica chromatique CX12 Jazz Hohner spécialement dessiné pour le jazz

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CX12 Jazz Hohner

New Look pour le CX12 !
La version Jazz n'est pas juste belle à regarder ! Une embouchure plus fine fabriquée d'après des principes plus modernes permet à l'harmoniciste d'obtenir une meilleure étanchéité, meilleure vitesse et réponse plus performante. Les lamelles sont réglées légèrement plus haut ce qui donne plus de pêche.

Ce modèle est totalement compatible avec les anciens CX12. C'est ce modèle qu'utilise l'harmoniciste de Charlie Winston.

Lamelles : 48 en cuivre de 1.05mm
Corps: Plastique
Longueur : approx. 16.8 cm


Sommier harmonica: plastique
Recommendé pour harmonicistes: avance / pro
Style musical:  Jazz
Harmonicistes connus qui le joue: Charlie Winston


Styles Jazz
Level Débutant
Properties Chromatique standard 12 trous
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cx12 jazz
Craig H. le 2021-02-06 Love the harp. Only slight complaint is the noise from the slider.
Great harp.
David T. le 2019-10-23 If you need a harp with projection and hate fixing them, this is your harp. A snap to get to the reed plates and reassemble. Cool looking too!
Hohner CX12 Jazz.
Jon S. le 2019-10-05 Love this harmonica
Steve W. le 2019-03-21 Nice sound, good slide action. Small, lightweight chromatic with three octaves of fun.
r capra
R C. le 2018-03-14 satisfied
BRIAN P. le 2018-02-02 I love this thing!
Great Harp
Michael M. le 2017-12-03 I’m really enjoying learning chromatic harp with this one! It’s very comfortable to play, has good volume, is very expressive, and us super easy to clean. As a long-time diatonic player, I always though that chromatic harp would be very hard to pick up. With the CX-12 Jazz I have found that is not true.
Hohner CX 12 Jazz
Paule O. le 2017-09-24 Hi guys. Just a quick note. I recently ordered the Hohner CX 12 Jazz. What a beautiful and fun instrument to play. When I first got it, the slide did stick. I contacted your company and instructed me on how to free the slide. It now works like a charm. I was up almost half the night playing it. It's so easy to play. I wish I had taken up harmonica sooner. Thanks for such a great instrument!!! I definitely give it a 10. I would give more stars if I could.
Great Jazz harmonica
Jamie B. le 2016-04-25 Thank you for shipping my CX12 Jazz that fast ! Just got it I had to tap the harmonica a bit hard on a table to unlock the slider (as per the instructions) and now everything is fine. It plays really well very nice flow and looks awesome !

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