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Modele 12 trou Hohner
CX12 Black

Need for service
leslie l. le 2020-10-02

Right out of the box, I had a problem with the harp. I contacted you through eBay and ended up having to send it to Hohner for service. I sent it to them on 9/29 and am waiting to see what they do. Your company sent me a warranty repair form through the eBay site which I was unable to print successfully and I had to call Hohner for a form.

Really nice key
Michael S. le 2020-06-07 The A tuning is in a nice lower register than the normal C solo tuning, which I normally play. Almost “clarinetish” if you will.
Best price for best Hohner 12 hole chrom.
Michael H. le 2020-04-18 Harmonicaland always seems to have the best price on chroms. This B got here today and is now my go to for songs in F, Bb and Eb as a C harmonica.
Whose title?
Robert S. le 2020-03-02 The new seamless body works quite well. It's now my preferred instrument.
Nothing beats a Hohner
David L. le 2020-01-20 Well designed Chromatic, I needed a reasonable replacement for my old CBH - we will see if it pans out.
Slow delivery
Fred S. le 2020-01-12 Asking for a signature really slows down the delivery
Slow delivery
Fred S. le 2020-01-12 Asking for a signature really slows down the delivery
Chromatic rookie
Bill F. le 2019-05-17 I’ve been strictly a diatonic player until now. I’m looking forward to getting acquainted with my new cx12. My initial experience with it has been positive, it’s a nice instrument.
My Favorite Harmonica
Bernard A. le 2019-05-11 This is my second CX12 and I like it better than my key of C. I find it airtight, easy to play, relatively maintenance free, and sounds great on stage.
Very fast shipping
abby l. le 2019-04-26 I love my new harmonica and it came all the way to Hawaii in 4 days! So fast! Very very happy with the excellent service
douglas a. le 2018-06-04 Great
Chris S. le 2017-12-07 I am very happy
boring 2
Kenneth R A. le 2017-10-31 see sorry this is boring. Harmonicaland is awesome..
sorry this is boring..
Kenneth R A. le 2017-10-31 As always THESE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN PERFECT... SHIPPING VERY FAST.. JUST GREAT TO DO BUSINESS WITH..bought 2 new Harps..

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