Harmo Admiral 64



Styles Classique
Level Olympia
Properties Chromatique 16 trous
Wonderful sound
Richard M. le 2021-04-09 If your looking for a rich sounding harmonica you can stop right here.
Amazing value
Gaston R. le 2018-12-07 I love this harmonica..You can search far and wide. But never find a better sounding harp.I own 12 Chromatics .All The major ones from Hohner,Seydel,and Suzuki.In my opinion there s no better sounding 16 hole harp.It has a warm full clear and balanced tone.Great dynamics and color variations.Highly recommended,and well worth the price.Gaston
Deep sound and solid feel
Youssef R. le 2017-04-08 Got it as a gift from the wife. I own a Super 64X and this harmonica surprised me by its deep tone and weight ! I think it's a brass comb (you definitely feel it's heavier than usual) with some kind of chrome finish. The tone is very round and the harmonica is easy to play / slide. It comes in a very fancy pouch. Delighted !

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