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Someone used their brain.
David B. il giorno 2021-03-23 This harp holder is a big step up from the Old wing-nut and spring holders. The magnet holds the harmonica securely, the leather pads aid comfort, and the mechanism to adjust the angle works well. Highly recommended.
Love it
John K. il giorno 2020-12-21 Best thing ever, great to play and swap harps, so easy.
Very nice holder
Tony T. il giorno 2020-06-22 I was surprised with its locking ability. Great
Matthew S. il giorno 2020-06-02 H
Harmonica holder
Dennis O. il giorno 2020-05-31 Great product infinately adjustable a pleasure to use.
What every harp player should have.
Arlo A. K. il giorno 2020-05-16 Wish that I would have bought this sooner, the best out there IMO.
Great holder
Terence T. il giorno 2020-01-23 The Seydel Gecko is a very practical harmonica holder especially for use in jams. Tn jams the players often change keys and the gecko makes changing harmonicas a breeze. Wort the cost.
A rack that really works, and is adjustable
Monte M K. il giorno 2019-11-28 Best rack ever....

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