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How to play the suzuki hammond harmonica player

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Suzuki bought Hammond a few years ago and they made this model. It's exactly a promaster.
The sound is just a bit softer and some may like it.

Customers comments : I just got the harmonica I ordered a Suzuki Hammond. Very easy to play and bend very soft gentle and very classy too ! Thanks Harmonicaland ! Very statisfied with my order.

Dominique Volant (un pur amateur juste pour le plaisir et le blues) Méry-Es-Bois (18) France


Styles Jazz
Level Pro
Properties 10 hole harmonica
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Don Hale
Don H. il giorno 2021-03-23 What a super harp. Very well made, and sounds great. I think it is worth the money.
Top notch
Steven C. il giorno 2020-07-10 Great harp, beautifully constructed and great sound. Maybe a bit less responsive than a Hohner, but a richer tone to go with it.
Harmonica Suzuki Si bémol
Frédéric A. il giorno 2019-11-14 Extra-ordinaire
Hammond G harp
Jill K. il giorno 2019-10-29 I love this brand of harps. They are easy to play and bend and have a nice warm tone.
Suzuki hammond
bob H. il giorno 2018-12-22 J’apprécie leur sonorité ainsi que le toucher métallique
nice harmonic
patrick k. il giorno 2018-08-10 excellent unic sound good harp
njce harmonic
patrick k. il giorno 2018-08-10 excellent good harp serious fabrication good sound
Georges G. il giorno 2018-06-30 Ok
Georges G. il giorno 2018-06-30 super
Georges G. il giorno 2018-06-30 super
SAGE H. il giorno 2018-04-09 Great harp!
Nothing special
Artur M. il giorno 2018-02-18 According to description this harmonica should sound like Hammond organ. Now, I didn't really expect that, but at least expected unique tone. To me, this is just another harmonica, nothing special.
Conforme et efficace
jean Luc G. il giorno 2017-10-25 Qualité Suzuki! Finition, son et mise en bouche superbe.
Ha-20 hammond
Gianluca P. il giorno 2017-09-26 Ancora devo riceverla... :-( Speriamo arrivi presto
Excellent produit
Jean-Claude E. il giorno 2017-09-21 Le produit est conforme à la description
Harmonica joli et facile à jouer
Marko B. il giorno 2006-05-14 Super modèle de chez Suzuki tout noir ca en jette ! En gros c'est un promaster qu;ils on repeint noir mais pour une raison inexplicable ca sonne quand même un peu différent, plus mat ce qui est plutot bien car le promaster est vraiment très brillant. Overblow mieux que la moyenne une fois quelques réglages de bases faits.


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