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A good plastic comb diatonic harmonica! Buy and lear how to play the harpmaster mr 200 harmonica

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This is one of the top plastic body harmonicas available.
The Harpmaster features an easy to play free blowing design with its solid ABS comb and focused note holes. The bendable laser tuned brass reeds produce the clarity and rich mellow tones you would expect from much more expensive harmonicas. The classically shaped reed covers offer the look and feel of the traditional harmonica and they are built from durable polished stainless steel. The Harpmaster will provide you with years of proven performance.
The Harpmaster includes a hard shell carrying case.

Available in 12 standard keys: C G A D E F Bb B F# Eb Ab and Db.

Styles Country
Level Intermediate
Properties 10 hole harmonica
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Great harmonica lightning fast shipping
MR D. il giorno 2019-05-28 What more can I say great price, great harmonica, lighting fast shipping!
Very Good Harmonica
Efren G. il giorno 2019-05-08 this is great harmonica
Suzuki harp
jim h. il giorno 2019-03-31 Nice harmonica - great for a beginner like me. Hope to learn and will purchase more of these.
Just what I ordered
Claude M. il giorno 2018-12-14 Another Suzuki choice for blues in crossharp blues key of D....G harp..I've played about every harp there is ..Suzuki Harpmaster...great harp
John F. il giorno 2018-11-07 Good Harmonica...good price
Suzuki harp
Patrick Q. il giorno 2018-10-28 Fine instrument!!!
randy g. il giorno 2018-10-20 I really like this harmonica
SAGE H. il giorno 2018-04-09 Great harp!
SAGE H. il giorno 2018-04-09 Great harp!
Lawrence D. il giorno 2018-04-06 One of the 2 best harps I've bought. Responsive.I hope to have more Suzukis.
Great service
Robert F. il giorno 2018-03-23 Glad I found you guys. Great selection, prices and fast service. See you soon
Good for the price
W. R. il giorno 2017-12-14 Serviceable harp, not bad not great, at a good price.
Suzuki harpmaster
John S. il giorno 2017-11-28 a good bending harp at a good price
Great harmonica!
Phuoc L. il giorno 2017-10-26 This low F key Suzuki harpmaster harp is the best!

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