Seydel Blues Session Steel 10301

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Armonica in acciaio Seydel Session

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Disposizione Tono: Richter
Legenda: C

Blues Harmonica con canne in acciaio inox anticorrosione coperture ergonomiche e pettine di plastica.

L'acciaio Session è l'aggiornamento per il nostro modello di successo SESSIONE è presentato con un nuovo look audace e superiore
affidabilità tecnica eccellente giocabilità e un suono fantastico.

- coverplates ergonomica in acciaio inox completamente arrotondati al boccaglio

- Pettine ABS con incasso Reedplates argento tedeschi

- Rivetti e viti in acciaio inossidabile

- labbra e design barba-friendly

   - Consumo d'aria minimo raggiunto da Reedplates fine-cut planarità ottimizzato ed estremamente
piccole tolleranze tra canna e reedplate

   - Canne in acciaio inox garantiscono il miglior suono chiaro e completo e la risposta dei modelli 1847

   - Un massimo di 5 volte di più giocando la vita rispetto ai modelli con canne in ottone

   - Con un comodo astuccio in vera pelle

Styles Rock
Level Beginner
Properties 10 hole harmonica
Filtro recensioni

SEYDEL/SUZUKI, are my go2
Pete S. il giorno 2021-11-17 Glad you have them in stock. Received quickly and in prefect shape. Will purchase more, Pete
Don't let go
Kristine M. il giorno 2021-10-08 This is one fine instrument. Easy to hold and easy to play,. I don't usually buy Blues types Since I don't normally play Blues. I play Folk & modern classical, & even put a jazzy twist on them. So this harmonica plays well for my last use.
Great except shipping charges to Canada...
Martin T. il giorno 2021-09-25 Great except shipping charges to Canada WAY TOO HIGH!!
this harp needs too much work
Richard L. il giorno 2021-09-15 this seydel does not function as my others do. It is in 'C' and it requires too much effort .
Nice harp
Paula L. il giorno 2021-09-11 Good fast service.
Peter S. il giorno 2021-08-05 g
Peter S. il giorno 2021-08-05 g
Peter S. il giorno 2021-08-05 g
Now I'm sure
Benjamin K. il giorno 2021-05-19 Just beginning to play, and being unsure of brass compared to stainless steel feeds sound quality. Buying through here made this inquiry affordable. Thanks guys
seydel session steel key of G
Gabriel B. il giorno 2021-04-17 I love it great harmonica
seydel session steel harmonica key of d
Gabriel B. il giorno 2021-04-17 I love it great harmonica
seydel Harmonica.
wilson d. il giorno 2021-03-27 Good product. Received on time and in tact.
seydel Bp harmonica
gabriel b. il giorno 2021-03-23 Love it
seydel low f harmonia
Gabriel B. il giorno 2021-03-22 sent harmonica back order in error
Session Steel A
gabriel b. il giorno 2021-03-18 Fantastic love it
Session steel G
gabriel b. il giorno 2021-03-18 Great I love it
Session steel D
gabriel b. il giorno 2021-03-18 I love it
Don Hale
Don H. il giorno 2021-03-11 Wow! What a great harp! Great fit and finish, and most of all a super sound. It’s about one hole size larger than your standard harp and it feels right. That little extra gives a better feel while holding it. Well worth it!
First Seydel
Andrew R. il giorno 2021-03-10 I have enjoyed Seydel Session Steel and am looking forward to trying their other models. Session Steel is gentle on my facial hair compared to my Hohner and Suzuki Mandji models.
larry c. il giorno 2021-02-25 I good harp
my new harmonica
Ken S. il giorno 2021-02-17 enjoying learning about this instrument, going to take a while but i am trying to practice each evening...
Nice Harmonica
Eric S. il giorno 2021-01-21 Really nice harmonica. Was my first steel reed just little different than what I was expecting.
low ff seydel
Gabriel B. il giorno 2021-01-14 II love it!
Comb ?
John K. il giorno 2021-01-12 They should make the comb out of aluminum not plastic had two comb breakdowns
Love the Seydel Session Steel Harmonicas
Steve K. il giorno 2021-01-04 This is one of five Seydel Session Steels I have and I love playing them. The only issue I've had is that I've already had two which have needed reed replacements, including one (not the key of D rated here) that had one of the reeds go badly out of tune in less than a month being one of my least played keys.
Seydel Session Steel
Jeremy E. il giorno 2020-12-18 I have several harmonicas and the Seydel Session Steel is my favorite, the plastic comb is the most comfortable (Hohner Marine Band is the least) and sounds great.
Sender does it again!
Bryan W. il giorno 2020-12-11 stainless steel never sounded so good! Comfortable harp with plenty of volume!
Seydel (Session Steel) has some winners here. .
Tony A. il giorno 2020-11-16 They're compact and friendly to the hands and mouth. Great design, easy to carry & just about as indestructible as a steel wedge. On top of all that, they have great tone, consistent volume and they even play very well too. My first purchase was the 'Orchestra' in low C. WOW, perfect to master a new melody. I love their leather slip-in case.
Donald A. il giorno 2020-11-13 These are good harps, always consistent. Not cheap in any way.
Great Seydel harp.
Dale S. il giorno 2020-11-06 Another great Seydel harp.
rico ricio
Richard L. il giorno 2020-10-25 multiple time buyer... love this model
Great quality instrument and awesome sound!
Joshua M. il giorno 2020-10-03 Coming from Marine Band harps, this was my first Seydel, and now I can't believe the difference. The plastic comb and recessed reedplate makes it much more comfortable to play for hours, plus, the reeds don't seem to get as dirty as my MR harps due to the Seydel design. I'll definitely be buying more of these.
Just as described
Dale A. il giorno 2020-09-23 Harps play good and just as described. Fast shipping
A New Start
James S. il giorno 2020-08-22 Of been mainly devoted to my Hohners and Bushmans for years but the new Low C Seydel I just recieved loterally blows them away!!! Can't wait to try more!
Robert A. il giorno 2020-07-17 confirmation email has been sent to your address:
Robert A. il giorno 2020-07-17 confirmation email has been sent to your address: not recieved all cabs on email
Nice harp
ken B. il giorno 2020-06-22 Great harp, great vendor, great service, what more can l say. Just great
Selling the wrong key!
Ian B. il giorno 2020-05-26

You advertise this harmonica as a LOW GB, but when you get it it’s a LOW F#. When inquiring about it your service department Just says that a LF# is the same as a LGb. Misrepresentation as far as I’m concerned!


Gb and F# are indeed the same note and key, Low G is not the same as Low F#, Low Gb and Low F# are identical just 2 different ways of naming the same key.

Seydel Harmonica
Michael P. il giorno 2020-05-06

Was really impressed with the speed with which the harmonica was sent. Shipped the same day! This is rare today with online orders. The harmonica is nice to play. Thought there might be a difference between the brass vs steel reeds. There is no difference ! They don't sound or play better.

Seder blues session steel
Ronnie W. il giorno 2020-05-02

I think stainless steel reeds are not better than other material. I have phosphore bronze ones that play much better. Holes are wider than my other harmonicas and I don't like it.

Disappointing quality
Harry S. il giorno 2020-04-29

Made in Germany is not as good as it used to be. Broke 2 Stainless steel reeds in the first month ...

William S. il giorno 2020-03-09 The most important thing to me is an air-tight harmonica. The Seydel Session Steel harmonicas are consistently playable over several different keys that I've tried
session steel
CRAIG W. il giorno 2020-02-22 Being a beginner there is no way to really tell how good this harmonica is. It seems to be of high quality.
John K. il giorno 2020-01-29 Very happy with the harmonica
My new favorite harp
 il giorno 2019-11-22 I love this harp. Like a bass sax. Ignore the comments from the "it takes so much air to blow this". Of course it does. A great harp. I love to play it in the higher registerss.
Orchestral G
tom m. il giorno 2019-11-03 Not the diatonic harp I wanted ! Overall, I love Seydel
Blues harp
Howard H. il giorno 2019-10-23 Will be good for straight up blues. But may not be my harp of choice for jazzier stuff or acoustic folky stuff.
Played it last Sunday in church.
Steven G. il giorno 2019-09-10 The Seydel harmonica is a good lasting alternative to the Hohners I have been using. I hope they last as long as the people on Youtube say they do. I am wearing out the brass reeds on my old Hohner and Johnson Harmonicas, and replacing them (hopefully), one per month. Would love getting a "deal" on a package set of steel reed iSeydels> Thanks.
Best low key harp I've tried
Christopher D. il giorno 2019-07-09 Everything about the Sessions Steel is attractive: tone, build, design. Great product!
Great low harmonica
Christopher D. il giorno 2019-07-09 Really like the design and tone of the Session Steel; low D is a standout key too.
If it's a harmonica you want ...
Peter T. il giorno 2019-06-05 I got my harps on time and in good condition . This was great shopping there as it was not a hassle to find the exact harp I needed, without having to take my chances at our local music store, or on Amazon, where twice now they have sent me the wrong one.
comparison - with ROCKET - - -
Psycho-Acoustics P. il giorno 2019-05-21 Warm - takes a lot more air than the rocket - good bends and overblows - still learning - and have a preference for the Rocket low C - brassy - loud - much more blusey.
James Hirsen
James H. il giorno 2019-05-08 .
Really nice harp. Great Selection.
Dale S. il giorno 2019-05-07 Thanks
Really nice harp. Great Selection.
Dale S. il giorno 2019-05-07 Thanks
Mike A. il giorno 2019-04-03 I bought my second seydel. I really want to like them because of their stainless steel components but they don't play as well for me as the Sp 20. I think it's the reed adjustment. More difficult to get the reeds on the first 4 holes adjusted IMHO.
Some not quite as good
David B. il giorno 2019-03-30 Of the two of these I purchase, the C had less volume, and sounded less full than the other. Perhaps it will open up.
Some better
David B. il giorno 2019-03-30 Seydel steels are good harps, just some need more breaking in, some have more volume. Don't know why, but I have a few of them, and they're pretty good, and seem durable.
Rare key
David B. il giorno 2018-11-14 Good product
Mike Bates
Mike B. il giorno 2018-08-18 Fast Service Thanks
Mike Bates
Mike B. il giorno 2018-08-18 Thanks Fast Service Great Doing Business with you hear From Me Again
Great Harmonica
Jeffery B. il giorno 2018-06-27 I was told to buy this harp. I have been a trumpet/bugle player since 1970. The standard harmonicas are too small for what I need. It is well made and sounds great. I just wish I could pick it up and play it like I have been playing for years. Nothing comes easy to me. I just need to practice and this harp will give me the best chance to succeed.
Terry M. il giorno 2018-05-10 Great harp great fast service what else can I say will do more business here
Session Steel
Thomas M. il giorno 2018-03-22 I play the harmonica for my own amusement. It's fun to switch between the Session Steel and the 1847.
Joe Suarez
Joseph S. il giorno 2018-03-16 The harmonica within two - 3 days of order. However, I could barely get a sound from the # 2  draw. I immediately called Seydel and sent the harmonica to their N.C. center for correction. This is disappointing as this is a $60 Seydel and I expected better from them. I've had cheaper harmonicas that have performed much better. Maybe no more Seydels for me.
Positive Review
Parran K. il giorno 2018-03-01 I received the Seydel a Session harmonica and it was well packaged, arrived promptly and both was and is a fine product. Perry
I ordered a whole set of Seydel Session Steel
Jay S. il giorno 2017-11-18 I have played 3 gigs with them and so far I love them, they are easy to play, they have great tone and they are easy on the lips. Hopefully they will last a long time as advertised. Jay S. Playing Rockin Blues Harp since 1970
Seydel Blues Session Steel
Roger H. il giorno 2017-11-12 I am surprised how good this harp is. It sounds great. It bends easy, I tuned and gapped it, and it plays very well. Congrats Seydel, you done good!
Stephen e. il giorno 2017-10-10 Geart
Stephen e. il giorno 2017-10-10 Great
plays great
Anthony S. il giorno 2017-10-05 Compared to my old standby, the Special 20, the Seydel Session Steel plays very easily, is very tight, and has a great sound. Its longevity should make it worth the extra cost.
plays great
Anthony S. il giorno 2017-10-05 Compared to my old standby, the Special 20, the Seydel Session Steel plays very easily, is very tight, and has a great sound. Its longevity should make it worth the extra cost.
Strange, disonent overtones
Brian B. il giorno 2017-09-21 A well-made harp that plays well, but due to strange, disonent, non-musical overtones, I frankly can't use it. Back to my old faithful Lee Oskars.
Decent Harp
SAGE H. il giorno 2017-09-20 Nice design, plays well.
Disappointed with the airy-ness in whole 2
SAGE H. il giorno 2017-09-20 Has the "wind tunnel" sound on whole 2 which you expect from a cheap harmonica except this is NOT an inexpensive harp. I was disappointed with the airy-ness of this harmonica.
Gene A. il giorno 2017-04-02 They make a great harp!
Good quality harp from Seydel
Amy D. il giorno 2006-04-16 The only orange comb harmonica on the market ! The Session Steel Seydel looks good and has stainless steel reeds. Mine did not last longer than my Hohner but anyways it's a good harp but clearly overpriced. Good tone for a plastic comb not too easy to play though.

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