Rocket Amp Hohner

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Il razzo amp Hohner è la versione verde del famoso armonica razzo. Molto potente questa armonica è stato ottimizzato per darvi il miglior suono possibile con un certo divertimento in cima!

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Rocket Hohner Amp è
Confortevole reattivo e LOUD!

Il Rocket rappresenta un nuovo passo avanti nel design armonica diatonica. Il pettine ha arrotondato i lati e bordi per il massimo comfort. Ampie piastre di copertura aperti e il design del canale aumentano la pressione per garantire la massima intensità. Il Rocket Hohnr permette ai giocatori di esprimere un suono dinamico potente.


• piastre di copertura aperti e il design del canale aumentano la pressione per garantire il massimo volume
• Design ergonomico pettine ha i lati arrotondati e bordi per il massimo comfort
• Coperture e piastre di canne dotati di viti a testa Philips permettono un facile accesso per facilitare la manutenzione
• custodia in neoprene robusto permette all'umidità di evaporare, mantenendo la polvere fuori
• Disponibile in 12 tasti (C Db Eb D E F F # G Ab A Bb B)
• Fatto in Germania

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Styles Country
Level Intermediate
Properties 10 hole harmonica
Filtro recensioni

Thomas K. il giorno 2021-12-16 Fast professional service
Hohner rocket rocks!!!
Bryan W. il giorno 2021-12-15 Great sounding and easy playing harp. These Rockets are the real deal. I love the way they play and the tone, they are loud too.
Daniel S. il giorno 2021-12-06 good harp
Daniel S. il giorno 2021-12-06 Good harp
Daniel S. il giorno 2021-12-06 Good harp
Rocket Amp Rocks Your Socks Off
Robert T. il giorno 2021-07-14 I’ve been playing the Hohner Special 20 for learning—I’m still learning. Then out of curiosity, I tried Hohner Rocket Amp. Wow, it’s like the Special 20 is on steroids. I’ll be changing my Special 20 inventory over to the Hohner Rocket Amp. I highly recommend this harmonica.
Rocket Amp, yes please!
Robert S. il giorno 2021-04-19 I got back into playing the harmonica after a short 40 year break. I’ve tried Rocket Lows, which I really like, a couple of different Seydels, which I didn’t like, and a couple of Rockets, which were OK. I couldn’t image that closing the side vents would make that big of a difference but I tried a Rocket Amp in A and loved it so I bought another one in G. They are still easy to bend like the Rocket but the tone is fuller. I will be sticking with the Rocket Low’s and Rocket Amp’s!
Brian M. il giorno 2021-03-12 I will definitely continue to purchase harps from Harmonicaland !!!
Brian M. il giorno 2021-03-12 I will definitely continue to purchase harps from Harmonicaland !!!
Brian M. il giorno 2021-03-12 I will definitely continue to purchase harps from Harmonicaland !!!
Brian M. il giorno 2021-03-12 I will definitely continue to purchase harps from Harmonicaland !!!
Kevin L. il giorno 2021-01-24 Nice
has not arrived - not your fault!
David C. il giorno 2021-01-23 This harp, sent by US postal service, is waiting at its last way station, tracking info has said "delayed" for a couple of weeks now. I'll review it when it arrives.
Dr. Blues
clayton p. il giorno 2021-01-01 Great product!
Hohner Rocket amp
Jay S. il giorno 2020-08-24 Since 1970 I have played most brands and I really like this Rocket Amp and plan on buying more. I would not have picked the green color for the comb but it's not a deal breaker for me.
Rocket Amp A
David L. il giorno 2020-07-04 Easy to play, nice color an case, great sound
Rocket man
Frederick H. il giorno 2020-06-14

Great harp nice comb

Rocket G
David L. il giorno 2020-06-12 Love the sound and playability, prompt free delivery and lowest price.
Marty Z. il giorno 2020-05-28 easy to bend and loud
Great Harp
Norberto G. il giorno 2020-04-30

Fast shipping, and a fair price. Thank you

Very nice
Bruce R. il giorno 2020-04-17

Sweet sound good quality a bit expensive

Love the Rocket Amp
Wyatt M. il giorno 2020-02-26 I'm a new harp player (but an old musician) and I found the Rocket Amp to be very comfortable to play, bends well and is a quality instrument. I like the construction compared to the classic Marine Band style as it doesn't have the sharp edges on the mouthpiece or the back and sides. It feels like a quality finished product. I have a Crossover too, and while it plays very well, the covers have sharp edges and the reed plates are sharp in the mouth. I guess I'm a recessed reed guy.
Joseph W. il giorno 2019-12-17 Product just as I expected in sound and material. Works great for my use.
Ross B. il giorno 2019-11-17 Nice loud tone. Sweet harp.
Rocket amp - A
Bill D. il giorno 2019-11-08 Nice harmonica
Reed gaps
Bill D. il giorno 2019-11-08 Reed gaps on holes 1 through 6 were huge and made this harmonica almost unplayable. Had to re-gap those reeds. I suspect this harmonica may have been tampered with.
Durable and Great sounding Harmonica
Fred M. il giorno 2019-10-16 I tend to blow out harmonicas pretty quickly. This one is more durable than most. It also sounds great right out of the box. Loud and easy to bend.
Bruce H. il giorno 2019-06-01 JUST WHAT I WANTED...ALREADY PLAYED TWO GIGS WITH IT..... 5 STARS...
william m. il giorno 2018-07-16 Extremely happy high quality and good service loans itself to overblows right out of the box!
Hohner Rocket Amp
Steven F. il giorno 2018-03-25 Really like this harp. Plays very smooth with great tone.
Rocket scientist
Gregory A. il giorno 2018-03-22 Pretty nice harp. Kinda expensive
A satisfied customer
Ned C. il giorno 2018-03-06 Good prices and excellent customer service are what affect my buying choices. You have those qualities. It is nice doing business with you
Best prices on Rocket Harps!
Anderson H. il giorno 2017-09-21 I am glad you offer a great selection of harmonicas and replacement reeds.. Keep up the good work!
Green go ! Rocket amp harmonica
Max T. il giorno 2001-08-16 Same as my Rocket but comes in green combs. Plays the same but looks better on stage ! Good harp slightly overpriced.

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