560/20 - Special 20






The workhorse harmonica for over 40 years!

Styles Country
Level Intermediate
Properties 10 hole harmonica
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good harp
Edwin C. il giorno 2019-10-14 i have not bought a special 20 in maybe 25 years now. They seem to have notes now that you have to blow on at the right angle or you get not much or no sound I though the reeds where blow on a couple notes
not what they use to be
Edwin C. il giorno 2019-10-14 have to blow just right on them to get sound right
some of the reed seem tinny
Edwin C. il giorno 2019-10-14 have to watch how you blow notes on these now
I am trying seydel harps now
Edwin C. il giorno 2019-10-14 I am not completely happy with the new special 20's either they need to break in more of something is wrong with them
Jeff B. il giorno 2019-10-08 nice to buy replacement reeds
Special 20
kevin d. il giorno 2019-10-03 Very nice harmonica. Would not hesitate to buy another one
The best
Larry M. il giorno 2019-10-03 The best place to buy a harmonica in the world. Great prices, and fast...fast....fast delivery
Exactly what I expected
Dennis J. il giorno 2019-09-26 Happy with my special 20.
Sticking Reeds
Darrel B. il giorno 2019-09-11 I am a beginner. I spent some time on a cheap harmonica that came with a "learn to play book". Felt like I was getting the hang of it and upgraded to the Special 20. It seems that the reeds on holes 7,8, and 9 stick at times. The sound is either weak or sometimes nothing at all. When it happens it frustrates me because I don't know for sure if it's me or the harmonica. When this isn't happening though I love it. If you have any suggestions I would appreciate the help.
jonathan k. il giorno 2019-08-28 the harmonica was fine easy to play and in tune
Great service
Steven t. il giorno 2019-08-22 Great service, communication and price.
First harmonica
Marcos E. il giorno 2019-08-12 Great
Special 20 D
yves m. il giorno 2019-08-11 Good product, sending quickly
Special 20 A
yves m. il giorno 2019-08-11 Good product, sending quickly
Mark B. il giorno 2019-08-08 Recommended by instructors and happ ywith it.
The best I had play.
luis O. il giorno 2019-07-19 It travel with me while driving.
Shawn H. il giorno 2019-06-05 I love it I think I chose a great first harmonica
gary l. il giorno 2019-05-20 Great service
Charlie G
Charles G. il giorno 2019-05-18 Plays well..Like the plastic comb better than my old 1949 Marine band wooden
Very Good Harmonica
Efren G. il giorno 2019-05-08 this is great harmonica
Kent from Michigan
kent c. il giorno 2019-04-26 Very happy with the sound .High quality.Will be buying more harmonica s to add to my collection.
Great product
gary l. il giorno 2019-04-23 Very satisfied
big joy for my 12yo son!
Mihnea R. il giorno 2019-01-11 The product come in Romania very fast - considering that was ordered one day before Christmas. we pay as well 15$ custom fee, but life is hard when you don't live in America. And my son is really happy with it (my son is 12 yo and discovered harmonic music :) - wait to see him singing "Mary had a little lamb" :) and... also was happy for receiving as well free lessons coupon code :) Thank you folks from Harmonica Land
sally m. il giorno 2018-12-19 This is a Christmas gift, so have no knowledge of how well it works.
Johnny Ray
John H. il giorno 2018-12-03 The Hohner Special 20 is one of the best harmonicas around. A true professional grade instrument!
Fantastic product and price
matt c. il giorno 2018-11-30 Love it
Excellent product Excellent product!
Joan T. il giorno 2018-11-06 Well satisfied.
I've always loved the Hohner Special 20 Harps
Carl B. il giorno 2018-10-12 The best harp for the money ,
Joel S. il giorno 2018-09-16 This Special 20 blows great straight out of the box. Arrived quickly.
Richard W. il giorno 2018-09-14 Hohner Special 20 arrived in great shape and did not wait long to receive it in the mail.
CR R. il giorno 2018-09-06 Gracias por el envío ya me llegó a costa rica ,excelente producto y de buena calidad y en envío fue rápido y seguro
Best Price Anywhere
bob t. il giorno 2018-08-19 Yikes, GTR CTR want's $48 PLUS TAX, most other places on Ebay are 44, this blows em away. My dad bought Hohners for $4. When I started they were in the $8 to $12 range !!!!!! So $39 is a STEAL LOLOLOLOLOLOL
Super fast delivery, great harp
bob t. il giorno 2018-08-17 thanks, great price
Ned C. il giorno 2018-04-26 I really like the Special 20 G. It plays easy and sounds great. It is the one I carry on my pocket. Great versatility. Once again you have provided me with a great product and your ongoing excellent service.
John F. il giorno 2018-04-21 ----------
Still a happy customer
Ned C. il giorno 2018-03-28 This was my third purchase from Harmonicaland. All have been a great price and the service superior. I plan to continue to do more business with Harmonicaland in the near future.
Beautiful Sound easy to play
Stephen W. il giorno 2017-12-26 one of the best sounding harps ever for the price you can not beat it
Love that Special 20.
Blake S. il giorno 2017-11-27 They sound great and mostly hold up to my Neanderthal alternative garage blues playing style.
Hohner Special 20
Fred N. il giorno 2017-10-24 I've been using them for a long time. Hard to beat the sound and the workmanship.
Still a satisfied customer
Ned C. il giorno 2017-10-17 I received my harmonica promptly and well packed. I like that Harmonicaland ships USPS because of their service and trackability.
Very Happy
Peter B. il giorno 2017-09-22 Just what you want from a product and vendor. The harp is a joy in all aspects. It really makes me sound almost decent! Harmonicaland did every think right. Fair price and supersonic shipping. Highly recommend.
im a faithful follower in the special 20 church
Larry C. il giorno 2017-09-22 The Cadillac of harmonicas
I reed plates
bart g. il giorno 2017-09-22 These are great harmonicas but wish i could get replacement reed plates instead of throwing out the whole harmonica because one reed goes bad
Curt I. il giorno 2017-09-21 ..this harmonica. Will be ordering a Bb soon. Thanks
Decent Harp
Mikey S. il giorno 2016-09-15 Pretty straight forward harmonica, good entry level for a Hohner sound but not their best. I like the Special 20 for amplified Chicago blues playing
Classic Hohner Sound
Henry J. il giorno 2016-03-15 I like the Special 20 to play blues rock tunes with my band not so much for acoustic though. Thank you for the Fast shipping !
Classic Hohner Sound
Henry J. il giorno 2016-03-15 I like the Special 20 to play blues rock tunes with my band not so much for acoustic though. Thank you for the Fast shipping !

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