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M28001 - 280/64 - CHROMONICA 280





Chromatic 16 fori armonica per i professionisti e professionisti semi

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Il Chromonica 64 (Chromonica 16 buche) è il riferimento cromatico armoniche quattro ottave. Progettato nel 1938 e continuamente migliorata dal momento che è uno strumento di alta qualità per i professionisti e amatori evoluti. Oltre alla sua eccellente maneggevolezza, invia una risposta veloce in tutte le ottave.

"Grande fratello" di Chromonica 48, 64 ha un'ottava ulteriore nel basso, permettendogli di affrontare un repertorio più ampio.

riferimento 280-64

molle in plastica
Numero di fori 16
Numero di lame 64
corpo in plastica
Fare toni disponibili (C)
accordo temperato
Dimensioni 18.4 cm

Styles Blues
Level Beginner
Properties 16 hole chromatic harmonica
Filtro recensioni

Marc R. il giorno 2021-05-18 Very nice instrument.
Hohner chromonica 64/280
Anup B. il giorno 2021-01-29 Two notes are not functioning prpoerly
Vik K. il giorno 2020-09-10

Product keys don’t work. I bought an Angel 16 instead and it worked right out of the box!

Poor quality
Kevin D. il giorno 2020-05-30 I'm no pro but not all the holes work the same, many require a lot more air
Chromonica 64/280
Russel S. il giorno 2020-02-19 Great harp for a good price.
Peter Craig
peter c. il giorno 2019-11-27 I've been a diatonic player for years and have just made the switch to chromatic so I have a lot to learn.This is a serious high quality harp very satisfied with this purchase.
Chromonica 64
Darlene W. il giorno 2019-10-27 Not at all what I expected from a new Hohner out of the box. The high and low octave were more sensitive when played while somewhere in the middle more difficult to sound when played...on the second day when played the slide was stuck and had to be gradually loosened up to springback the way it’s supposed to..,,I have never had that problem on the second use and overall, the instrument seemed as if had been modified and not perfect like I am accustomed to, so that songs that I had memorized were fraught with difficulties from mistakes that I had made and seemed as if it the instrument itself was slightly off. The delivery was exceptional and I used the cheapest shipping and it arrived on time as expected. The box itself, inside there was a crack in the red velvet possibly damaged in shipping.
Gerald T. il giorno 2018-07-17 One Lower Note silent, another hard to play. 2 highest notes useless. some mid range notes "Garbled". My 64 Chromonica sounds better. Hohner doesn't, test their products at the factory, I believe. VERY POOR............Never again. I'm done
Claire B. il giorno 2018-06-28 I'm sorry I did not know about your company before I ordered the harmonica from Walmart. I paid $31.98 more than you charge and they would not make an adjustment. Otherwise the harmonica arrived promptly and so far it sounds very good. My husband is 82 with dementia and he enjoys playing about 20 different tunes almost every day. I purchased his first Hohner chromatic in 1959! I will deal directly with you in the future. Thank you, Claire Breisinger
Great 16 hole model
Henry J. il giorno 2016-04-22 Items arrived safe & quick. Very nice Hohner chromonica 280 harmonica with 4 octaves, I love the low end :) Pretty cool for electric sounds too.

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