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Encyclopedia of Scales DVD

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Harmonica School

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In this 131mn DVD Harmonica Wizard David Herzhaft demonstrates how to use scales for improvisation Each scale is explained in details (this DVD is the ideal companion to the Encyclopedia of Scales for Harmonica book) David discuss various ways to use sclaes, modes but most of all plays 30 examples Those examples give you an instant access to the scale sound in a real musical context All the playalongs used on the DVD can be downloaded for free and if you want to work in all 12 keys you can buy the 230 loops full Pack separately This is clearly one of the most comprehensive resource about scales on the market This DVD is a serious asset from simple curiosity to hear, discover and understand scales all the way up to seasonned players looking to expand their musical vocabulary and paths to improvisation Scales played on the DVD : major, melodic minor, harmonic minor, double harmonic minor, harmonic major, and their modes Diminished, Augmented, 9 notes augmented, chromatic, bebop, whole tone Major pentatonic, minor pentatonic, blues, Dominant Pentatonic, m7b5 Pentatonic ii V I major and ii V i minor + 8 rare extra scales Includes 2 performances : Flight of the Bumble bee and Sunset Waltz All the examples played on this DVD are written down in musical notation and tabs in the Exercices for Harmonica Book sold separately http://youtu.be/uXqinXFf-hI

Le DVD des "Encyclopédie des Gammes"
Martial M. il giorno 2021-01-11 Le DVD est très bien fait. David est très pédagogue. J'aurais aimé quelques explications sur les notations des tablatures dans le DVD et surtout dans l'Encyclopédie. Beaucoup de travail commencé déjà!

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