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Great harmonica!
Michael M. il giorno 2021-03-22 I have several special 20s and Seidel ‘s. The rocket is everything they say it is.
very satisfied
Torsten D. il giorno 2021-02-14 Air tide, louder than I expected and very smooth comb. All around a great instrument.
Horner rocket low c
timothy k. il giorno 2021-01-26 Great quality and sound I'm happy with the buy
Hohner Rocket low key: Low F
Mauricio A. il giorno 2021-01-09 It is a nice Harmonica, I like the sound. I am happy with it.
William L. il giorno 2020-09-17 ANOTHER GREAT PRODUCT BY HOHNER
Love the tone
John R. il giorno 2020-09-14 Already had a Rocket Low in D. Wanted the lower octave sound for the higher keys of E and F so expanded my collection
Love the tone
John R. il giorno 2020-09-14 Already had a Rocket Low in D. Wanted the lower octave sound for the higher keys of E and F so expanded my collection
Rocket low is awesome!
Jose Luis A. il giorno 2020-06-01 Great sound out of the box, really easy to play, bend and shuffle. Powerful and deep bass.
Rocket K Low d
Janice S. il giorno 2020-01-01 My son loves it! It is exactly what he wanted and it came very quickly
Ross B. il giorno 2019-12-07 No other words come to mind! This harp is awesome!!
Tom M. il giorno 2019-06-28 Great harmonica - works perfectly, better sound than previous one. Great delivery too!
Great Harps
Todd F. il giorno 2019-02-01 The harmonicas are the best and they ship them out like lightening. I love this outfit. Todd
How Low can you go?
Lawrence F. il giorno 2018-09-02 Well, this is how low I can go now - wonderful to have in my collection.
Low D Hohner Rocket
Dan S. il giorno 2018-08-27 Very good harp enjoy playing it very much but reeds seem to "stick" easily on Draw notes
Love it!
Dakota W. il giorno 2018-07-24 The only issue I have with this harp at all is the rattle on the low notes, hitting the cover plate. Pretty negligible. Planning on purchasing a Thunderbird Low A next!
Steven W. il giorno 2018-03-30 I love the sound and ease of use of the Hohner Rocket line and the low tuned harps are the best, being better than previous attempts by all manufacturers, including Hohner. Previously they all had a rattle in the cover plate and took twice the air to play. The entire rocket line takes less air to play because they are "more air tight', especially the low tuned harps. Rocket harps are like someone looked at the Special 20 and improved everything on it. The comb is plastic with the entire body improved by the rounded corners, making it more comfortable to hold. They are also louder than previous models, especially the Rocket Amp.
Dan Sanford
Dan S. il giorno 2018-03-19 I think I will give this harp a full 10 when I get better accustomed to playing it. It is a little different than the Golden Melody harp, at least to me. I do really like the melodious voice it has, especially for the music I play which is almost exclusively Gospel and Sacred. Hopefully will be in position financially to purchase more Low tuned harps in future.
Thanks Harmonicaland!
Mark V. il giorno 2018-02-11 Everythings Great!
Thanks Harmonicaland!
Mark V. il giorno 2018-02-11 Thanks. Everything is great !
Couldn't be happier!
Gerald S. il giorno 2017-12-08 Great Harmonica and excellent on-line buying experience. This is the first of the "Low" octave harmonicas I bought. Despite lower register, still nicely responsive and beautiful sound.
Stephen e. il giorno 2017-10-10 Great
Hohner Rocket. Low F
Dorothy R. il giorno 2017-09-21 Normally I play Special 20's. The Rocket took a little getting used to because the holes are slightly bigger than those of the Special 20's. I'm lovin' the Low F Rocket now. I recommend it.

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